South : “systematic torture used by government forces”

Thai security forces pursuing a counter-insurgency campaign in the country’s violence-plagued southern provinces systematically engage in torture and other ill-treatment, Amnesty International revealed in a report released at a press conference in Bangkok on Tuesday 13 January 2009.

The 37-page report, Thailand: Torture in the southern counter-insurgency, documents people being brutally beaten, burned with candles, buried up to their necks in the ground, subjected to electric shocks, having needles stuck into various parts of their bodies, sodomized and exposed to intense heat or cold.

Survivors of torture told Amnesty that the most common torture techniques they faced were beatings, being kicked or stomped on, and having plastic bags placed over their heads until they nearly suffocated. Amnesty International established that at least four people have died as a result of torture.

Amnesty International has called on the Royal Thai Government to crack down on such practices immediately and to ensure accountability for any security forces engaged in torture. (Amnesty)

Another very embarrassing report for the thai authorities… Nothing happened in the past (after the Krue Se Mosque massacre, Tak Bai massacre, etc.)… so let’s see how the new Prime Minister Abhisit will handle the situation in the South…

Afterall, the Democrat Party can be seen as virgin… The violences started under Thaksin, the Krue Se and Tak Bai massacres happened under Thaksin… Then the violence continued under the Junta (september 2006 to december 2007).

Let’s see if Abhisit can deliver the “change” he promised.

1 Response to “South : “systematic torture used by government forces””

  1. 1 Insanity 13 January 2009 at 9:29 am

    No surprise.

    For documentation on the ongoing human rights violations of the hiltribes dig around this site:

    That is if you can access the site from Thailand

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