Abhisit rewards his friends : “they are somewhat knowledgeable”

Abhisit has started the reward campaign.

Nothing really surprising, only the bozos were thinking that with Abhisit things would, could change.

But what is striking is the same deja-vu arrogance, fundamental trait of character of all the thai politicians.

Abhisit, the so called “Oxford educated prime minister”, is just a politician, perfect duplicata (albeit younger and with a better hair style) of his peers.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva yesterday defended the appointment of Prapan Khoonmee, a Democrat Party member and leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), as an adviser to Science Minister Kalaya Sophonpanich.

The premier was mobbed by a crowd of Government House reporters who bombarded him with questions about the matter.

Abhisit said Prapan has been part of a Democrat Party working group and worked for the party for some time.

However, when asked about Prapan’s background in science and technology, the prime minister paused for a moment before saying “he is somewhat knowledgeable”.

He rejected claims Prapan’s appointment was a reward for the PAD. “Nobody has got any reward. Everybody is joining the government simply to work,” he said. (Nation)

We could ask : is Abhisit “somewhat knowledgeable” ? 😉

2 Responses to “Abhisit rewards his friends : “they are somewhat knowledgeable””

  1. 1 James 15 January 2009 at 10:40 pm

    Like those T-shirts read: SAME SAME. Since the history of politics, it’s always been who you know, not what you know. Even Obama is disappointing with his appointments, half are on the advice of the Clintons. I will say, even though the Thai Democrats were not democratically elected, I do not think that is even possible in Asia. The educated minority is often outnumbered by the uneducated majority which presents serious conflicts and often allows egotistical criminals to rise to power who run the country like their private corporation with no concern for the culture or heritage of the people’s nation. I hope the Democrats can find a way to satisfy the needs of the rural majority and remain in power. They are going to be needed for the serious social unrest that is about to be unleashed on Asia.

  2. 2 thaichris 18 January 2009 at 3:27 am

    Today (Sunday) the PM Abhisit addressed the nation for the first time via TV. And it looks like he reads ThaiCrisis blog because he picked up some issue outlined by TC. He stated:

    – that Thailand will be hit by the global crisis
    – that Thailand could not relay on export for the next couple of month
    – that immediate action need to be taken to strenghten the local market
    – that local/rural economy would be number 1 priority of the governement
    – but that it will hurt anyhow – the government could only reduce the impact to the people

    Here are some points (copied from the Nation web site):

    … He said the government realized that it took office while the country’s was being hit by the global economic crisis …

    … Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said his government would implement a package of measures to try to increase purchasing power of the people to help the country survive the global economic crisis. Abhisit said Thailand could not bank on exports due to the global economic slowdown so the country’s economy would have to depend on local consumption. As a result, his government would try to increase the purchasing power of the people and would try to channel money directly to the purses of the people. But, he said, his government would strictly comply with the monetary and financial disciplines …

    … Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said Sunday he has studied situations in several countries and is confident that the handing out of free-gift money of Bt2,000 to low-income people would be the most effective way to stimulate the economy.

    He said other measures, especially tax-related measures, would be too slow to halt the economic slowdown.

    “The fire is burning fiercely, so we cannot be too economical on the water for putting out the blaze,” Abhisit said …

    More over he stated, that lowering the interbank lending rate does not help. Even with ‘zero’ interest rate the banks would not lend more money to SME and that in order to support the SME business, it would need other meassurments like state guarranties for the credits (similar to the ‘mocrocredit’ approach) in order to boost insvestment in SME. -> quiet a good understanding of economical mechanism for a Thai PM. Let’s see.

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