Abhisit takes big risks with his “special allowance”

The problem with politicians is that they are arrogant, by nature. It’s their fundamental weakness.

Take Abhisit for instance, our full of dash young and Oxford educated prime minister who loves Guns N’ Roses (it’s so cool)…

His betting a lot, too much, on his “special allowance” (2000 THB given to all employees with less than 15 000 THB salary, around 10 millions people)…

“We want to help employees with the low income,” he said. “What we do is to give cash into their hands to induce spending by injecting cash into the economy. This would help the economy in the first, second and third quarters. (Bangkok Post)

Abhisit should explain to us how 2000 THB given in april are going to have an effect… on Q1, Q2 and Q3 ! Nine month… 222 THB to spend more each month for 9 months…

Why not a lasting effect on 3 years ? Or 5 ? Yes, 5 years sound better… 😉

“I am not going to boast by committing how much the economy will grow, but I can assure you that the government is committing to to spur economy and to lift the quality of life of all the Thais,” he said. (Bangkok Post)

Here the Prime Minister is litteraly taken away by its own enthusiasm (desesperation rather).

The question is not to lift the quality of life of all thais, but instead to prevent the crash of their current quality of life…

Abhisit is taking big risks by using this kind of intellectual fraud.

Arrogance is usually the executioner of politicians.

Abhisit won’t be an exception.

At this stage, with the global recession, to promise “honey” instead of “tears” (like Churchill did in his times, a real leader) is simply… criminal.

9 Responses to “Abhisit takes big risks with his “special allowance””

  1. 1 thaichris 19 January 2009 at 1:28 am


    Let’s take it straight. The message from Abhisit was not for you or any of the other farangs living in this country. It was for the Thais only. And for them this message makes sence. The entire society is build on ‘hope’. Hope for a win in the lottery, hope for a better life when you are re-born, hope for somebody to help you, hope for 2’000 THB in April. And Thais don’t mind if the promises don’t take place. They just hope for the next chance. If you look at the Thai mentality, everything that Abhisit does makes sence for them. And this country gives a sh… about all the ‘farang’ ideas. You like it – you stay; you don’t like it – you are free to go.

    I realy like your blog when you focus on economy. But I have the impression that you don’t understand the way Thais are thinking and acting. And you would be only satisfied if they becom ‘westerners’, thinking logically, doing only business which make sence, get away from ‘mai pen rai’. I don’t want that – I love this country because it is as it is. If it changes, I would need to leave. And if you look at the development of Thailand over the last 40 years, the achievemnt are impressive. 40 years ago, thre was now power in Isan, no transportation, no work – today the people have TV, refrigirator and can travel easily to sell there local products on the markets in the big cities. And it was done ‘the Thai way’.

    Give the new goverment time – look at the results and not at the things they say.

  2. 2 chinesethai 19 January 2009 at 1:50 am

    Have you read another eerily similar news that is happening in Mainland and Taiwan?

    Taiwan is giving away “Gift Voucher” worth about NT$ 3,000 to its 22-million people on the Island.

    Mainland China is giving away hundreds of thousands TV sets to rural households that still lack one.

    The authorities around the world are resorting to gambling, hoping to shore up their manufacturing industries.

  3. 3 chinesethai 19 January 2009 at 1:59 am

    BTW, Ma Ying Jiu is a “Harvard” graduate! Don’t forget that a large number ruling officials in Taiwan are usually either Harvard, Yale, Cornell, NYU, Columbia, UC Berkeley, UCLA and all those prestigious univ grads. They are doing the same thing as their Oxbridge counterparts are in Bangkok.

  4. 4 BangkokDan 19 January 2009 at 3:19 am

    He’s pretty much off the hook so far to do anything he likes with the strong backing he enjoys.

    My guess is that only a technicality such as a “land scandal” as back then with Chuan could lead to a downfall of the Abhisit government.

    Pressure of the masses seems gone, the Red Shirts are in disarray and disorganized (compared to the Yellows).

    Carte blanche so far for Abhisit!

  5. 5 Roger 19 January 2009 at 3:55 am

    “The question is not to lift the quality of life of all thais, but instead to prevent the crash of their current quality of life…”

    Well, according to Keynes’s economic theory, when monetary policy (e.g., lowering the interest rate) is not able to do the job, fiscal policy (e.g., increasing government spending) is supposed to do the job. Many conservatives don’t believe this, and I’ve long wondered why the International Monetary Fund always insisted on reducing government spending (except, of course, for “developed” countries).

    The idea is that this money passes from hand to hand, it doesn’t just evaporate after being used once. The people who get the money spend it, and the people they buy things from than have more money that they can spend, and so on. The biggest unknown is how much increased government spending is needed. My feeling is that this is much too little, but I notice that many European countries are also in the process of enacting relatively small “stimulus” packages.

    We’ll just have to wait and see. To me the biggest argument against the package is that the Thai economy is so heavily dependent on exports that stimulating internal demand probably won’t do enough.

  6. 6 Insanity 19 January 2009 at 4:38 am

    Quoting Groucho Marx: “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.”

    So it goes around the world.

  7. 7 Insanity 19 January 2009 at 8:18 am

    Re: “I am not going to boast by committing how much the economy will grow, but I can assure you that the government is committing to to spur economy and to lift the quality of life of all the Thais,” he said. (Bangkok Post)

    See: Shipping rates hit zero as trade sinks http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/4229198/Shipping-rates-hit-zero-as-trade-sinks.html

    Freight rates for containers shipped from Asia to Europe have fallen to zero for the first time since records began, underscoring the dramatic collapse in trade since the world economy buckled in October.

  8. 8 FDL 19 January 2009 at 1:23 pm

    There is a common theme emerging from the growing global economic crisis that governments believe there is urgency to getting allowances or subsidies to their consumers to quickly get back to consumer spending mood. Thailand does it with its Baht 2,000 allowance and Taipei just recently released US$107 shopping vouchers to some 22 million Taipei citizens. In USA tax cuts and home mortgage renegotiations being prodded by US treasury/Federal Reserve underlay the same objective – to quickly get US consumers back to their spending ways.

    Nearly every central banker of the world appear to be on the same train to debase their currencies through reduction of interest rates, loosening of credit and double/triple time money printing presses almost to Zimbabwe-lunacy scale.

    The savers are being coerced to unsave and to spend and to consume. Those who had not saved or already drowning in debts are being encouraged to borrow even more – – to save a ‘distressed’ world economy.

  9. 9 antipadshist 20 January 2009 at 8:57 am

    I am very curious about one not so much publicized event (if at all) – the visit to Thailand by … David Rockefeller (“retired chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank and patriarch of the family” – aka Rockefeller clan).

    on Nation there is a photo of him being granted a top level audience. yesterday some TV channel has also reported it in their news.

    so, I wonder – is it not too coincidental that a guy very well known for his close involvement in ‘trilateral commission’ and other related stuff (aka NWO) and apparently was even more or less involved (well, his J.P.Morgan certainly was) in the affairs of IMF bailing out Thailand (and few other Asian countries) during 97/98 crisis – somehow this very person now is apparently touring this region and especially granted such a high audience here ?

    few things to take into consideration:

    – Obama’s assuming his office in full (accordingly – all the whatever next step in Bernanke/ Paulson/ big magnates / corporations/ bankers / CFR making their next move in the current world economic crisis);
    – Dems in Thailand taking over and Abhisit + Korn (former chief of J.P.Morgan Thai) started implementing their “economic plans” (especially – recent declarations by Korn to borrow money abroad – I guess from IMF again – and also print more money);
    – upcoming Economic summit in Swiss in the end of this month where Abhisit supposed to play a role of sort of a voice for the SEA region (I’ve read somewhere recent article);
    – upcoming ASEAN summit in Feb where also S.K., China and India will be present (if I am not mistaken Aus, N.Z. will be attending too as observers or partners);

    so, all this seems to me too coincidental that Rockefeller has come precisely at this time, huh?

    and why he didn’t meet, say, with Abshisit/ Korn ?
    or at least with Tarisa. why he was treated as some sort of a very high level dignitary and had a meeting only on the highest level possible ? will we see some things happening in Thailand in accordance to whatever globalist design (as moving closer to the world government, or at least as a preliminary stage – to the world currency or new global financial system) ?

    I do not think that he just came ONLY for the sake of his University – I mean, an old fart as him (93 y.o.) certainly has better things to do, and plenty of people to delegate on his behalf for such a seemingly trivial matter, huh ?

    from a brief Google search on Rockefeller :

    Rockefeller plan (article has 3 parts)

    interestingly one might find many thing mentioned there quite similar to what’s going on in Thailand or is planned for.

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