Migrants mistreated ? “Reports are exaggerated” says Abhisit

It was predictable… Abhisit needed just a few weeks as Prime Minister to show his real face. The face of ignominy. Like many of his predecessors (Thaksin, Samak).

In Thailand, it’s like a good boat people is a dead boat people.

You have a problem ? Make it disappear. Litteraly. Problem solved.

Illegal migrants are dirty. Sick. And costly. And time consuming. And embarrassing.

From an historical point of view, we know very well how some thai army forces (and thai… fishermen) treated the vietnamese boat people in the 70s… A never ending shame.

40 years later… it seems that the good old habits are hard… to die. With the burmese. Or the north-korean…

Actually, it’s striking to see such… a constancy



Now, look at the Tak Bai massacre scene (2004)…



Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva insisted Tuesday that Thailand had respected the rights of boat people from Burma, saying reports that the migrants were mistreated and abandoned at sea were “exaggerated”.

Mr Abhisit also said that foreign tourists who reportedly witnessed the incidents may have misunderstood what the Thai army and navy were trying to do with the immigrants.

Survivors and a human rights group have accused the Thai military of detaining and beating up to 1,000 members of the Rohingya minority from Burma late last year, before towing them out to sea with little food and water.

“The government will take action against illegal immigrants. If too many of them come, it will affect the country’s security. However, the actions will not violate human rights,” Abhisit told reporters.

He said the issue of human trafficking networks should be addressed with neighbouring countries, and blamed the migrants for getting into distress on purpose as a tactic to get into third countries.

“Sometimes they sail on boats without engines or sink their ships so that authorities help them to get onshore,” Abhisit said.

“Sometimes the information is exaggerated. Reports said (military actions) were witnessed by tourists — it may be a misunderstanding by tourists.”

Witnesses have reportedly said that some of the detainees were beaten within metres of foreign tourists on a remote Thai island off the coast, while photos have shown scores of migrants tied up on a beach. (Bangkok Post)

To know more about this scandal : BBC, Bangkok Pundit, Phuket Wan (pictures).

Amid reports that the Thai navy forced hundreds of Rohingya boat people out to sea last month, leaving up to 500 missing, the United Nations on Tuesday asked the government for access to 126 surviving boat people now in Thai custody. […]

The Thai navy on December 18 and 30 pushed out to sea at least 992 Rohingya boat people in boats without engines or sufficient supplies reports based on survivors’ testimonies said. An estimated 400 to 500 of the boat people are believed missing and feared drowned. (Nation)

7 Responses to “Migrants mistreated ? “Reports are exaggerated” says Abhisit”

  1. 1 Bedwyr 21 January 2009 at 2:14 am


    ‘Exaggerated’ is one of those words which is used to create the impression that the reports are incorrect, or that there is an ulterior motive for reporting them without actually telling a lie and saying so. It is used often by scoundrels who wish to distort and confuse while maintaining a pretence of truth and integrity.

    I wonder what was ‘exaggerated’ exactly. Was it only 400 people who died and not 500 as claimed? Exaggerated like that? Or did they only get beaten twice and not 14 times? Exaggerated like that perhaps? Or did they really get 3 buckets of rice on the boat and not 2? Exaggerated like that?

    Interesting that he plays the ‘stupid foreigner’ card – again . Let me see. The Navy catches 100 people, forces them to lie down, ties hands and feet, beats them with a strap. Tows them out to see. They die. Photographs a-plenty

    Where exactly is the ‘misunderstanding’?

    The fact is that the average Thai is a nasty piece of work unless it is in his interest to be nice. You can see this every day in Bangkok (though, mercifully I do not live there any more). When the Thai has no incentive to be nice, he reverts to type. Like this, and it isn’t as though this is not a a consistent response to illegal immigrants – as TC has rightly pointed out. It is entirely consistent with both history and Thai psychology.

    Instead of trying to polish this turd, Abhisit should be making an example of those responsible. Manslaughter charges at the very least, with multiple murder a distinct consideration.

    But then the armed forces are Abhisit’s bosses so nothing will be done. Same as with the PAD. Lots of talk, then the classic Thai strategy of delay and double-speak until everyone has forgotten. Thais have a short span of attention and the pooyay knows this. In fact, the pooyay counts on it.

    Shame on Thailand. The disgust and revulsion of the world is rightly pissed down on your heads.


  2. 2 Insanity 21 January 2009 at 4:53 am

    For documentation on more “exagerated” ongoing human rights violations dig around this site: http://www.akha.org/

    That is if you can access the site from Thailand

  3. 3 crocodilexp 21 January 2009 at 5:00 am

    I really was expecting more from an Oxford-educated pretty-boy Abishit. At least to promise an investigation, show some convincing fake indignation, even if it comes down to nothing in the end (as it obviously must, it’s clear who the real masters are).

    It comes as a surprise that he’s so openly protecting the savage beasts in the Army who will obviously commit this sort of atrocity again (they did it in Tak Bai, here they go again).

    @Bedwyr, as for the cruelty of an average Thai, I’d disagree with you. Thais are generous and kind to their peers and those above. Fairness stops with those perceived inferior, but that’s due to hierarchical nature of the society — most Thais have been kicked from above, so they kick on below — Thailand is pleasant enough, but not egalitarian or fair.

  4. 4 ThaiCrisis 21 January 2009 at 5:10 am

    After feeling “stimulated”. I start to feel “exaggerated”.
    Change with Abhisit ? Yes we can’t.

  5. 5 whoopla 21 January 2009 at 11:17 am

    Nice pictures of tropical paradise beaches…

  6. 6 ThaiCrisis 21 January 2009 at 11:24 am

    Indeed… The Land of Smiles… the clear waters… the pristine sand beaches…
    And behind this circus for tourists : the sickness, the brutality, the law of the jungle, the amorality…
    Siam ? Janus I would say.

  7. 7 fall 21 January 2009 at 3:25 pm

    Remind me of “Fuck the Poor” campaign, from NotTheNation.

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