What’s up Abhisit Santa Claus ? The special allowance extended to all living organisms

Speaking on his Sunday live TV talk programme on NBT, the prime minister said the government’s 2,000 baht stimulus plan had been questioned over its coverage. Some people had raised concerns the programme would bypass them.

Mr Abhisit said the government was considering extending the scope of the scheme.

Additional groups to receive benefits from the 2,000-baht distribution include state enterprise staff, local administration officials, the staff of independent organisations under the constitution, and teachers at private schools. (Bangkok Post)

What an amateur… What an amateurish Prime Minister. He’s just discovered that when he gives a candy bar to a group, other groups will fell bad and will ask for the same !

So let me recap what Abhisit did with his brillant idea of a 2000 THB gift (sorry “special allowance”). I don’t make it up. It’s documented.

2000 THB for income up to 10 000 THB (january 12). For around 8 millions of people (linked to Social Security and civil servants).

Income up to 14 000 THB (january 12).

Income up to 14 999 THB (january 14)

New groups will benefit from the allowance (january 25). We don’t even have a total number.

We are waiting with impatience for the version 5. Two thousands THB for all cats, chickens, cockroaches and micro-organisms living in Thailand perhaps ?

I mean how can we qualify such behaviour ? Only one word comes up : clown.

Furthermore, I’m waiting to see how they are going to give the money to the other groups… For Social Security and civil servants it’s easy they have the files and the bank accounts (read here)… but for all the other people ?

Change with Abhisit ? Yes we can’t.

1 Response to “What’s up Abhisit Santa Claus ? The special allowance extended to all living organisms”

  1. 1 chinesethai 27 January 2009 at 4:46 am

    This could be a wasteful scheme as it was during Thaksin’s era. If he really wants to go this give-away route, I prefer the way Taiwan and Mainland China are doing, which is giving away coupons rather than cash. With coupons, the authorities have more control over how, where, what, and when people could spend by imposing conditions and deadlines in the campaign. Effectiveness can also be measured more accurately. But cash giveaway may look the same but results cannot be measured as to who spend and how it is spent. Abhisit keeps changing the scheme details almost on a daily basis once he receives criticism. This is not the way he will earn confidence from the public.

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