Another decisive and heroic action from the police : raid on a swingers party

The thai police is playing dumb games in the Santika Pub case that killed 66 people 1 month ago (by charging a scapegoat to hide its own responsability and its own dirty officers…)…

The police takes money from sex businesses everywhere in Thailand (massage parlors, clubs etc.)…

But the thai police has its moral stand and doesn’t like swingers. Particularly if they are foreigners (God knows of course that thai swingers do not exist).

After having reportedly organised more than a hundred “swingers” parties during the past three years, a British man was arrested yesterday along with his Thai wife at a Bangkok hotel. With them were five Thais and 16 foreigners allegedly participating in a wifeswapping party. (Nation)

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t really care about this story. But I see 2 points though :

-the hypocrisy of the police is derisory and unbearable as well
-the fundamental problem of many thai officials is that they just can’t stand the idea of freedom, privacy and personal responsibility. It doesn’t enter into their mindframe.

Sex, even weird, between consenting adults and behind closed doors, should not be a crime.

2 Responses to “Another decisive and heroic action from the police : raid on a swingers party”

  1. 1 Ty 6 February 2009 at 1:01 am

    The fancy brothels that line Ratchadapisek and New Petchburi have apparently never run afoul of Bangkok’s finest. The swingers should have learned from them and made arrangements to pay off the police first.

  2. 2 mark 6 February 2009 at 5:14 am

    Many of the fancy brothels are owned by the police and politicians anyway. I know of a high-ranking policeman who lives in an 80 million baht apartment opposite Emporium, owns steel companies, imports racehorses from Australia, owns race courses and operates a brothel outside Bangkok for trafficking teenage girls (13 to 17) into Thailand. He’s never been arrested for anything.

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