After ministers and deputy ministers, Abhisit invents the “vice ministers”

Nothing to do with sins and vices. Just the megalomania of Abhisit, the Prime Minister.

Thailand had Minister and Deputy Ministers… Classic. But thanks to the decisive and modern action of Abhisit, now we are going to have 11 “vice ministers”. Their job ? To assist… the ministers and the deputy ministers.

Do you follow ? No ? It doesn’t matter. Because there is nothing to follow. Abhisit just needed to give some position and money to some friends and/or cronies.

Amid full blown economic crisis… such move is totally absurd.

The Cabinet on Tuesday endorsed the list of 11 vice ministers who will be political office holders assigned to assist ministers and deputy ministers.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva dismissed the speculation that Samran Rodphet, a core leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, was slated for appointment. (Nation)

4 Responses to “After ministers and deputy ministers, Abhisit invents the “vice ministers””

  1. 1 fall 10 February 2009 at 2:22 pm

    Well, from the current list of Ministers and Deputy Ministers. They do need an advisor, short of sack ’em all and replace with REAL competent people.

  2. 2 jeplang 10 February 2009 at 3:06 pm

    I propose that PM Abhisit develop an hierarchical ministerial tree in which the lowest ranking member is “the Junior Minister to the Assistant Minister of the Deputy Vice Minister”. Should this be done then nearly all MPs in the Coalition will have a ministerial post with the attendant title and financial benefits[snout-in-trough].

  3. 3 antipadshist 12 February 2009 at 4:59 pm


    you must understand: not everyone is as well to do as, say, Korn, or even the “poorest” minister Wongsamut

    “Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij is the richest Cabinet member with a networth of Bt807 million…
    Deputy Agriculture Minister Theera Wongsamut has the least assets worth Bt5.5 million”

    not for the lack of trying I bet. 😉

    but hey, in the spirit of bailouts and populist bonuses (as … 2000 Baht allowance 😀 ) – I cansurely understand Abhisit’s tender concern for the fellow elite buddies (most likely relatives of all his patrons and sponsors) and feels compelled to at least try to help them to get set on the path to sucess which Korn has achived ! 🙂 or at least as his humble self with modeast, shall we say, rather meager (comparing to Korn’s) 51mln.

    “Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has the networth of Bt51 million”


    I agree – government must adopt the system introduced and pretty sucessfully used by “Poseidon girl” (what’s her name?) who has record number of 11 or more “advisors” as I recall. after all – need to help all the remote relatives of relatives too ! 😉

  4. 4 antipadshist 12 February 2009 at 5:04 pm

    oh, and I forgot to add – that somehow I get the feeling that by the end of his minesterial carier Korn will handsomely increase his assets. I mean – I doubt that he’s got into minesterial chair for the pure unnalloyed love for the country and fellow countrymen – sort of, help the nation to navigate it throw troubled timed of economic crisis and such…. 🙂

    pretty much as all those other ministers. but Korn will be more sucessfull than them.

    so, it is the same old story: “rich getting richer and poor poorer”.

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