Boat people scandal : “We did it” says the Prime Minister… “in some instances”

Et voila ! Abhisit has bowed. Admission. Guilty. “We did it”.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva admitted in an interview with CNN that there were “some instances” in which Thai authorities pushed Rohingya boat people out to sea.

The disclosure came after some 200 Rohingya refugees – a Muslim minority group from Burma – accused Thai authorities of towing them out to sea with little food and water. They were rescued by fishermen off northern Sumatra, Indonesia.

Mr Abhisit said he cannot pinpoint who in the government approved of the practice, but declared he is trying to rectify the situation.

“It’s not exactly clear whose work it is,” said Mr Abhisit. “All the authorities say it’s not their policy, but I have reason to believe otherwise. I will certainly hold the guilty parties accountable, once I find out who is responsible.”

Mr Abhisit also said he regrets any loss of life that may have occurred.
(Bangkok Post)

Let’s remember that Abhisit said a few weeks ago : “Reports are exagerated“.

No, they weren’t.

Of course, we can’t ask too much. It’s a thai admission. It means a beginning of admission, mixed with cheap rethoric and confusion and desire to avoid responsibility.

I mean the prime minister (?) of Thailand who says : “It’s not exactly clear whose work it is“… How can we react ? Laugh. Or cry it depends.

But we’ll see… if one day the “guilties parties” are found. And brought to justice.

Until then, the fishes can finish their meal, peacefully… Of a few hundreds of boat people, who were “sent back to sea“.

It wasn’t long… Abhisit The Janus continues his dirty waltz (one face to CNN, another face to the thai medias), playing with words…

There are also moves, backed by some Thais and foreigners, to help Rohingya people to settle in Thailand, said Mr Abhisit.

The prime minister reiterated that the Rohingya are economic migrants, not refugees. If any western countries want to accommodate the Rohingya, the Thai government is ready to help, he said. (Bangkok Post)

What kind of ignominious irony is that ? Abhisit wants to have fun ? This man is despicable.

11 Responses to “Boat people scandal : “We did it” says the Prime Minister… “in some instances””

  1. 1 World Citizen 13 February 2009 at 1:30 pm

    This is not an issue for a particular country. It is a regional issue – although the Thai government is feeling the heat of world opinion. Even a simple statement in support of the Rohingya boat people made by Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie, who is also a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations, during a visit to Thailand last week drew a curt response from Thai foreign ministry spokesman Tharit Charungvat, who pounced on her remarks, saying, “It’s not her role to comment on the matter.”

    Thailand’s army commander is scheduled to visit Burma next week to discuss the Rohingya issue with the military government. However, the issue would be best addressed when Asean leaders gather for the regional summit, which is scheduled to be held at the end of this month in Thailand, Surin.

    Compounding the problem is the unwillingness of Burma and Bangladesh to recognize the Rohingya as citizens.

  2. 2 Bedwyr 13 February 2009 at 2:26 pm

    I bet that stuck in his throat. Especially when he knows he has zero chance (and zero intention) of prosecuting anyone.

    Now the whole world knows one of two things:

    1. Abhisit is a downright firing-on-all-six liar.


    2. Abisit doesn’t have a clue what is going on in his own country until the foreign press tell him.

    Talk about loss of face. He should be screaming in pain.


  3. 3 ThaiCrisis 13 February 2009 at 2:52 pm

    We could even say it’s an issue for… Europe too !

    The only difference is : we don’t “push out to sea” the people coming from Africa (every week small boats are arriving in Italy, Spain, recently in Malta etc.).

    As to leave the problem to 2… generals…. one burmese and the other thai shows how surreal the situation is.

    We could even guess what they will say : “Okay buddy, please kill them all before they leave your country… I mean It’s a real mess after for us to deal with. And then we have those western suckers and medias who blame us. So do something. To solve the problem permanently. In exchange, we will increase our little export/import trade, okay khrap ? Thanks you’re a real friend”.

  4. 4 World Citizen 13 February 2009 at 3:21 pm

    The Burmize position is already clear:

    Burmese Consul General Ye Myint Aung in Hong Kong,in a recent letter to fellow diplomats, referring to the Rohingya boat people:
    “The complexion of Myanmar people is fair and soft, good looking as well. (My complexion is a typical genuine one of a Myanmar gentleman and you will accept that how handsome your colleague Mr. Ye is). It is quite different from what you have seen and read in the papers. (They are as ugly as ogres).”

    In essence, what he said was that Rohingyas couldn’t qualify as Burmese citizens because of their appearance, and they are not recognized as an ethnic group of Burma.

    [TC comment : Link (and copy of the letter) ]

  5. 5 ThaiCrisis 13 February 2009 at 3:28 pm

    So I guess it’s a clear “case closed” story… Unfortunatly for the poor Rohingyas…

    So the coming discussions with the thai general are going to be highly… “productive”.

    Lethal ?

  6. 6 Bedwyr 14 February 2009 at 2:21 am

    @World Citizen:

    This is not an issue for a particular country. It is a regional issue – although the Thai government is feeling the heat of world opinion

    Rightly so. You are partly right but may have allowed yourself to be seduced by the Thai spin machine.

    We are in need of some intellectual rigour here. The refugee problem is indeed a regional issue, but that is not the problem under discussion, though Abhisit doubtless wishes it were and has tried to pretend it is. The issue here is the Thai treatment of defenceless people that the Thais believe are inferior to them.

    If Thais had treated the refugees according to international standards of human behaviour and indeed, in accordance with their own governmental policy, then this brouhaha weould not have arisen.

    It is Thai behaviour which is rightly under the international microscope here, not the cause of the refugee problem, though that doubtless also needs to be resolved.


  7. 7 KV 14 February 2009 at 4:39 am

    Sadness how Thais are so evil people. I know also illegal workers from Burma here in Thailand. I know that their parents for example never qualified as Burmese citizens as mum was from ethnic minority in Burma and dad was from China. So if you are born in country and denied its citizenship, what else you can be but refugee if you leave your country after military or militia or whatever has harrassed you and your country politicians say you have wrong skin color, you cant be Burmese. I hate most Thai people and Burmese who express this kind of mentality. Wankers. Ups, sorry, pardon my French. Just so angry! Frustrated!

  8. 8 World Citizen 14 February 2009 at 6:01 am


    Re: You are partly right but MAY have allowed yourself to be seduced by the Thai spin machine.

    I’m not seduced. As in other TCs Blogs I’ve commented in, just widening the scope of the article to encourage intellectual rigor.

  9. 9 thaichris 14 February 2009 at 6:24 am


    Why do you complain? This is human behaviour! You remeber 1933 till 1945? In Switzerland they said ‘Das Boot ist voll’ and sent the jews back into the death. Allied forces didn’t bomb the railways leading to Auschwitz even knowing what’s happening there. Oh yes. And there is this boarder between USA and Mexico. How many die there every year? Drown in the dessert? Ah, I forgot. The ones which died in a container in England 3 years ago. And, and, and ….

    There is a singel solution. Eliminate the ‘homo sapiens’. All of them.

    Two panets meet. One ask the other: “how are you?”. The second one replies: “I’m very sick. I have ‘homo sapiens’!”. The first one says: ” Don’t worry. I had that a couple of millions years ago. It will disapear soon”.

  10. 10 Rockderk the Great 14 February 2009 at 7:38 am

    Hmmm. “We did it” says PM. Well darn. Somebody better tell ‘ol Col. Manus, the Chief down at ISOC Ranong. He just said the whole thing about beating and caning and mistreating those Rohingya folks was “media fabrication” and that they – the kindly ISOC- provided food and water for those pesky Rohingyas, fixed their engines and asked them to move to “some other place”. Col. Manus also made it clear – in fact he swore- that the Thai military or navy or even Thai villagers (??!!) never torture or mistreat the Rohingyas. So there you have it. Don’t you all feel better now?

  11. 11 Bedwyr 14 February 2009 at 11:24 am


    Well, to be fair, it is not all Thais who are evil. Many at the top and very top of the food chain in Thailand are seriously nasty people, but many are just immersed in a culture of fear and cowardice.

    People in Thailand are not educated in things like democracy social responsibility, right/wrong or ethics. Instead they are educated that Thais are better than everyone else and that nothing they do in the name of a certain person can be wrong (however stupid that sounds).

    Small wonder they behave like this.


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