Business leaders urge Thais to… spend more

It feels good. I feel good. The following article shows that politicians are not the only ones to be totally… dumb.

Shopping sprees should help save jobs and boost economy. It is imperative that Thais go on shopping sprees despite their fear of unemployment, top business leaders advised yesterday.

Ninnart Chaitheerapinyo, vice chairman of Toyota Motors Thailand, believes that most people had enough cash in their wallets but were curbing their spending due to concerns of losing their jobs.

Indeed, the impact of this crisis is much lower than that in 1997 because this crisis is not home-grown. Yet, people have stopped spending because they are panicking. If everyone came out to spend, businesses would survive and the economy would pull through,” he said at a seminar yesterday.

Kan Trakulhoon, president of Siam Cement Group, added that confidence was crucial to encouraging people to spend. If things remained stable politically, people would start reaching for their wallets, he said, adding that the government could start spending first, which would encourage the private sector and public to join in. “People will resume spending once confidence returns,” he reiterated.

Apichart Sankary, president of the Association of Thai Travel Agents, said that once the nine million or so workers receive their Bt2,000 gift cheques from the government in March, they should spend it instead of depositing it in the bank. “If they don’t spend the money, the economy won’t move up and many firms may have to lay off more workers,” he said. (Nation)

Three leaders of private businesses.. three totally moronic statements.This is scary.

The first one, from Toyota Motors (ah ah ah), is a real winner : this guy makes a copy-paste of previous inane statements from Tarisa, the so called governor of the Bank Of Thailand : the crisis is not that bad because it didn’t start in Thailand !

I mean : wake me up, it’s a nightmare.

The second one, working (?) at Siam Cement, believes in the rebirth of Jesus or the Magic Broom : confidence.

According to those brainless “leaders”, the roots of the current crisis is… confidence. Just confidence. We suffer from a lack of confidence. Make people feel confident, add some LSD into their coffee and the party will resume.

Again… it’s the level zero of analysis. This clown should explain how confidence can replace the fall of production, the fall of international trade, the huge overcapacity (industrial, housing etc.), the tsunami of private debts (and public debts) in so many countries, the rising unemployement, the currencies meltdown, etc.

As for the third bozo… well… nothing to add. He believes that the pathetic 2000 THB checks (57 USD) that Abhisit is going to send to 8 millions people in april are going to solve the crisis…

Overall, those 3 “leaders” believe in the bullshit served over and over in the US, in Europe, and around the globe by governments, bureaucrats and corrupted CEOs and journalists : spend money (preferably that you don’t have), and it will solve the problem.

Welcome to the Idiocracy.

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