Crisis : Abhisit changes his tune… “recovery later”

They don’t want it ? They deny it ? Well… “It” doesn’t give a rat shit of what they think and follow them, like a gum stuck under their shoes.

The Global Crisis.

In Thailand, despite all the evidences, the clowns announced the recovery. The famous mythical beast, the Bigfoot, half Philosopher’s stone, half Mecca’s Black Stone… And following a rather funny pattern.

At one point, it was no recovery because no crisis at all. Simple. The world was simple. Then they started to talk about Q1 2009 then Q2, then it was “second half of 2009, sure “… then “last quarter, please don’t hurt me it’s not my fault”… The most courageous told us “next year“.

Abhisit is certainly not courageous. He’s just a puppet (with a master), enjoying trips to Davos and now to the UK. Nevertheless, our Prime Minister has changed his tune.

He’s now a member of the “recovery last quarter” team. πŸ˜‰

Thailand’s economic recovery will be delayed and positive growth might not be seen until the final quarter of this year, later than forecast, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva says.

After talks with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown focusing on the global economy, Mr Abhisit admitted that expectations for the Thai economy – hit by last year’s mass protests and the global slowdown – had been lowered.

Mr Abhisit is visiting Britain from March 13-15 at the invitation of the British government.

“I think we are now looking at a delay in recovery. The projections for the global economy have been lowered,” Mr Abhisit told journalists in England. (Bangkok Post)

The burning question is : when Abhisit will change team, again ? And will he will lower, again, his forecasts ? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I know what you’re thinkg : Abhisit and Gordon Brown in the same room, it’s clearly a meeting of loosers.

Last point, to put things into perspective : the Bank Of Thailand saw signs of recovery… in january ! End of february, the same Bank Of Thailand was “surprised” by the crash of exports. And Abhisit was confident that his stimulus plans (you remember the 40 euros given to 8 millions people…) will be enough to fire up the economy during the second and third quarter

Bla bla bla bla. You know the drill. Credibility zero.

1 Response to “Crisis : Abhisit changes his tune… “recovery later””

  1. 1 Prokster 15 March 2009 at 6:49 am

    Anand Land & House came out with -6% for GDP. Seems a reasonable guess to me.

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