Here we go again : Abhisit promises… a crackdown on drugs

Thaksin made us laugh with his “wars against drugs” (with precise date target : no drugs anymore in 6 months, for the Queen’s birthday etc.).

And he made us cry with the insane “free shooting range”… hundreds, thousands of people were killed by the thai police. Oops sorry, killed by “other drugs dealers”. Of course.

It’s still a deep, very dark, a shameful stain on Thailand.

And guess what ? The clown Abhisit, totally off the track with the jet lag (since he came back from Oxford, he went orbital with a 1,4 trillions THB stimulus plan, more on that later) is now following the same path. The Thaksin’s path : war on drugs.

It’s a classic for thai politicians : you’re losing your hand, you’re losing the vista because people start to understand that you are indeed a clown ? No problem : launch a war on drugs.


At this point, it’s not even a political trick anymore : it’s a conditioned reflex.

Like Pavlov’s dog.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has promised a reduction in the quantity of illegal drugs being trafficked in Thailand within six months.

Authorities will start cracking down on illegal drugs in Bangkok and the southern region, the prime minister said after delivering a briefing on national security and narcotics suppression to high-ranking officials on Wednesday morning.

He said the government would implement a “five fences” strategy to prevent the spread of drugs – border, community, social, school and family fences. The government would also try to bring more addicts into drug rehabilitation programs.

“If all sides work together, I am confident that the amount of drugs being trafficked will be reduced. The agencies involved will have six months to show concrete results,” Mr Abhisit said. (Bangkok Post)

Change with Abhisit ? Yes we can’t.

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