Chart, prices of gasoline, diesel : from 2006 to march 2009

The last update of my chart about prices of fuels was… in november.

So it’s time to brush off the… dust.


(note : the red and yellow lines are the important ones : gasoline 91 and diesel)

Hum… a full blown recession… and we are going north again… Not a good omen.

You probably forgot… But last summer we were very close from the cliff... The Oil Bubble created a real panic and some damages… and forced all the governments in Asia to subsidize like crazy fuels prices… The issue, along with inflation food prices, was just too explosive.

Right now, oil prices are low again (relatively), so everything look quiet. But energy is still the real Achilles Hell of Asia… Anyway… enjoy the low prices.

(those prices are PTT prices, in Bangkok. High volatility… Sometimes, PTT changes its prices every week. Methodology : 1 change = 1 point, and I put the date for the first change of each month. It gives you a gauge of the volatility. You can see that last summer, PTT changed its prices almost on a daily basis… it was the Great Panic).

2 Responses to “Chart, prices of gasoline, diesel : from 2006 to march 2009”

  1. 1 Prokster 26 March 2009 at 10:46 am

    Indeed highly volatile, in no small part to the proliferation of mini-crude contracts and spread trading in energy through market maker platforms such as Saxo Bank, IG markets etc etc etc. Indeed Golman Sachs alone were probably responsible for a good USD$20 of the USD$ 147 high last year…
    For gas prices in Thailand, they look as if they are at or very near a peak for the time being. There is still time to dig a big hole in some up-country location of your choic eand fil it ful of crude next time it falls back <US$40.
    Might be a good way of adding value to the land, and creating a great oppo for a Madoff class ponzi for your friendly poo-yai.
    I can just see it now. Oil rush in Udon.

  2. 2 ThaiCrisis 26 March 2009 at 11:28 am

    Sure, but on the mid long term the trend is : very negative.

    No escape. All people with an ounce of common sense know this.

    -The circus about calculation of the “reserves” in the middle east (they are lying).
    -the fact that we don’t discover since many years super fields, particularily super fields with easy access, AKA cheap oil.
    -the fact that current super fields are declining (North sea…. Cantarel in Mexico…. this one is a total disaster…. mexico supplies a lot of oil to the US, and Mexico state budget relies at 40 % on oil money)
    -the fact that demand, even with our super current crisis, WILL INCREASE
    -the fact that exporters of oil… will consume more of the stuff themselves, and will therefore reduce their exports
    -the fact that investments in oil take LONG TIME… eventhough we discover a new field today, it will take time to put it into production

    I mean… we could go on like this over and over… all those facts lead a to a very bleak future.

    Sure solar, wind, conservation blablabla are fun… but they can’t cope with the scale of the problem. It’s simply criminal to make people believe such thing.

    And again people don’t understand the scale of the problem : oil is not cars only… Or heating… Or electricity… It’s much more than that ! It’s the blood of our whole industrial way of life (FOOD, chemicals, raw materials, medecines etc.)

    If we push to the absurd : we could of course go back to…. buffalos and horses for transportation for instance (even though the disruption of our way of life would be extremely severe)… But what about the freaking food ? To feed soon 7 billions of people ?

    So right now, it’s the fiesta. Oil is cheap. But it won’t last.

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