Abhisit uses a powerful narcotic : “It’s normal now in Thailand”

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva told the leading British business community here Wednesday that Thailand has returned to normal despite some demonstrations in Bangkok.

He said that Thailand is now back in business. “The situation admittedly remains fragile, because divisions within Thai society have been unprecedented,” he said.

However, since coming into office at the end of last year, he said his govenrment has done its utmost in healing the wounds. “Political stability has now returned, and my Government pledges to do its utmost to ensure that this stability becomes ever stronger in the near future.” (Nation)

Abhisit is a master of doublespeak and self-persuasion.

Other people could argue that he’s just using a powerful drug (we want some !) or that he’s living in Laland (after the red light, turn right). Or he might be an admirer of Joseph Goebbels.

Or that he’s totally lunatic.

Pick up your choice. 😉

Political stability has returned ” ?? ! The protests with the Red Shirts ? Thaksin ? A mere fiction for Abhisit the Hobbit, who seems to enjoy very much to get his picture at the G20 Bubble in London…

I mean I don’t even know why I report such a statement.

More than false, it is just idiotic.

4 Responses to “Abhisit uses a powerful narcotic : “It’s normal now in Thailand””

  1. 1 em 2 April 2009 at 1:32 pm

    I agree, completely idiotic. He should just speak like all politicians and Prime Ministers and tell the complete truth, for example: there are some problems my government is unable to resolve. No matter what I do about it the situation is unlikely to change and there are things here not within my control.

    Now that’s a reasonable speech that you’d hear everywhere else from politicians the world over 😉

  2. 2 Bedwyr 2 April 2009 at 2:27 pm

    There is a common saying in the UK. It is ‘normal for Norfolk’.

    Probably most in here won;t know what this means, so I will explain. In Norfolk, it is generally believed that people are as thick as the turnips they grow. So it naturally follows that if someone does something really dumb, people will say ‘normal for Norfolk’.

    Abhisit could spawn a whole new version of this. In general, Thais make Norfolk people look like academics and high-achievers.


  3. 3 InPhuket 3 April 2009 at 6:31 am

    I guess then we must assume the following are ‘normal’:

    -Protesters currently block the Government House’ virtually blocking any business to go on inside (not that any really does)

    A- little cross-border fire with Cambodia

    T-he Ghost of Thaksin wreaking havoc for the current clowns in government and stirring the pot of unrest ever chance it gets.

    – Exports, which are now beyond the toilet, and now traveling rapidly through down the drainpipe and soon to rest in the septic tank of an excuse of an economy.

    – Finance Dept. Minister begging for loans from other countries, while they handed out uh, ‘stimulus’ checks….

    Yeah, I guess he is right… That is pretty normal for Thailand

  4. 4 ThaiCrisis 3 April 2009 at 6:34 am

    Good summary inPhuket ! One item is missing though :
    -man gets 10 years of prison for a lese-majeste… picture posted on a website
    -and even more “normal” : the first sentence was 20 years. But divided by 2 after.

    Everything is normal. We feel normal. Utterly normal…

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