Sondhi case : “suspects have been identified” ?

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Police investigators are likely to arrest suspects in the shooting of media magnate Sondhi Limthongkul within a week as many of them have been identified, sources said yesterday.

The sources said that Sondhi himself best knew who had mounted the attempt on his life.

Three teams of assassins on motorcycles sprayed a hail of bullets at Sondhi, his driver and his secretary, from the front, the back and the side of the vehicle, according to the sources. The gunmen were not in a pickup truck as earlier suspected.

The man who drove the pickup truck spotted by security camera following Sondhi’s vehicle moments before the shooting yesterday came to police and denied involvement. The motorist said that he had been driving behind Sondhi’s vehicle when he heard gunshots, which prompted him to turn behind a bus nearby for cover.

Sondhi’s guards, following him in another vehicle, also saw the suspects and fired on them, forcing them to speed away before they could complete their mission, they said. (Nation)

Is the “source” practising wishfull thinking ? To solve a case like this one, so sensitive, so fast, with a corrupted and incompetent police and in a totally twisted political situation ? Dream on.

How the suspects may have been identified ?

However, we have new details :

-it was not a pick-up like reported before (and for instance Bangkok Post, citing the police, continues to speak about a pick-up) but 3 motorbikes.

-at least 5 attackers

-they say now that one security camera was working… before it was “none”

-the first report (“another car chased the attackers”) was correct : there was another car behind… with Sondhi’s bodyguards. They opened fire and probably saved their boss life by doing so…

-Bangkok Post gives another detail : 3 weapons : M16, AK47 and HK rifle were used.

10 Responses to “Sondhi case : “suspects have been identified” ?”

  1. 1 A democrat 20 April 2009 at 6:11 am

    The initial reports said the gunmen blocked Sondhi’s car, then shot out his tyres, and then opened fire on the vehicle and occupants, and this all took about five minutes. Now we hear that Sondhi’s guards were following in another vehicle. What were they doing during all this time before finally shooting at the gunmen?

  2. 2 john 20 April 2009 at 12:08 pm

    an interesting article from Reuters that sum up what’s been said here and there on ThaiCrisis’s Blog:

    SCENARIOS-Is there an escape route from Thailand’s crisis?

  3. 3 john 20 April 2009 at 12:12 pm

    by the way TC, really would be handy if you were to change the time blog to bangkok time (easier to check the recency of a post or comment vs what happened in Thailand during the day)

    if you want to change: in your wordpress interface, go in setting, then select UTC+7 in TimeZone, go down the page and save 😉

  4. 4 chinesethai 20 April 2009 at 2:02 pm


    There is a modern Thai saying, which goes “Thai Police are only good at arresting scapegoats (Jab Pae) and fining poor people on motorcycles (Geng Dae Jap Khon Jon Khee Motorcycle”.

    If I say this, you again would think I hold bias against Thaksin. Already bad, Thai Police have been worse off since Thaksin came to power and brought in his people to all key positions. We have had the worst and most corrupt National Police Chiefs since then.

    Remember the unlucky girl, who was killed on Oct 7 by Thai Police with Chinese-made tear gas that contains explosive substance? She was a university student. But the police said she carried a grenade in her backpack and it detonated and exploded so she died!!!?????

  5. 5 chinesethai 20 April 2009 at 2:39 pm

    May I go off topic a bit? But this is to back up how Thai Police are so unreliable and hated even by ordinary Thais, except some Reds because they know that the Police are on their side.

    2 years ago, there were cases of groups of gangsters throwing stones and rocks at trucks on highways in Ayudhya at high speed and robbing them. It was so rampant. One night an unlucky truck driver, along his wife, was driving and big rocks suddenly thrown at them breaking the windshield. His eyes were blinded. There had been no action from the Police and the people were angry …until the Queen interfered and receive the truck driver for treatment under her patronage. The Ayudhya Police then began to go after and arrested the gangsters.

    A young girl in Nakorn Sawan recently was attacked by a Pit Bull that her dad fed. Nakorn Sawan has been known as the “Thief Province”. Theft and robbery are so rampant that some people need to feed Pit Bulls although they know that these are dangerous animals. Coz Nakorn Sawan people already gave up hope on the Police.

  6. 6 ThaiCrisis 20 April 2009 at 3:50 pm

    Indeed, what could be viewed as”funny” from the other side of the world, and “ethnic”, is an absolute disgrace on the ground, in Thailand, for common people. And sometimes : an horror.

    Beyond the small bribes on the roads… the thai police is a real nuisance. Dangerous. A cancer, eating slowly the society.

    And we are not talking here about a few rotten apples… like we always have everywhere…. no it’s a system, organized and widespread, from the very bottom to the very top…

    For that matter, the thai police is a mafia, nothing less. AKA a criminal group, working for its own interests, detrimental to the public’s interest.

  7. 7 ThaiCrisis 20 April 2009 at 11:07 pm

    John : done. It doesn’t change much, but if it pleases my readers…;-)

  8. 8 commons 21 April 2009 at 12:37 am

    tc: so maybe… there are a lot more “cancers” in thai society, at present? & to just put blame again & again on so-called “elites” doesn’t help that much — to face these cancers?

  9. 9 chinesethai 21 April 2009 at 10:01 am

    “…the thai police is a mafia, nothing less. AKA a criminal group, working for its own interests, detrimental to the public’s interest.”

    I can’t agree more with this statement.

    Bad news, it looks like Abhisit has turned down PAD’s proposal to clean-sweep the National Police Force and National Security, dimming hope for any fact finding process on Suvarnabhumi Airport closure, Oct 7 tragedy, Red Riots, and Sondhi’s assassination, etc. This is not bad for his survival but will be very dangerous for the Monarchy and a nation in precarious time too.

  10. 10 antipadshist 26 April 2009 at 12:24 pm

    Sondhi was shown yesterday on TV after being discharged from hospital – he was wearing … white T-shirt. which of course could be insignificant incident, but instantly raised a lot of speculations on-line forums

    another thing which keeps everyone in great suspence – is his TOTAL silence. no ANY word, nothing. even in his phone-call to his followers in Phuket. the opinions on net are more or less the same – that he is gonna go abroad pretty soon and … start talking. and his talks might be much more revealing than Thaksin’s mumbling “phone-ins”. after all – it is very highly unlikely that such an outspoken guy like Sondhi would keep his mouth shut – especially with huge scar on his skull ! (he said several times “goddamn” to this government in front of reporters while coming with other 20 PAD leaders to report to Court at Ratchada last time) if though he changes his behaviour 180 degree and becomes a sort of “silence vow” practicioner – that would mean he doesn’t keep his promise when he challenged on video those who threatened him “if only one single bullet … “.

    so, let’s see the development of his story. I don’t think he’ll go to meet his old buddy “square-face” in Nicaragua though. he ha already arranged a cozy snug place in HK for himself. and considering the generous leniency of Abhisit’s government towards PAD leaders – I think nobody is gonna make big fuss of extradiating Sondhi from HK as Kasit now tries hard about Thaksin.

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