Chart, exports in march : per zones

The Bank Of Thailand has updated its data (table EC_XT_002).

Total exports (in THB) fell 16,63 % in march, compared with march 2008, at 404,7 billions THB. The negative trend is back after a february month that was abnormal (sales of gold, read here).

Overall, there is a pause in the decline.


Now let’s have a look per zone.


And the percentages of difference compared to the “Peak Exports” (july 2008).


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  1. 1 antipadshist 5 May 2009 at 7:30 am

    Thai Banks asked to cut foreigners’ ATM transaction fees
    Bkk Post

    Dr Twatchai acknowledged that a number of foreign tourists and expatriates had complained about the added fees.

    At a minimum, he said, local banks should communicate better with customers about the expenses banks incur for processing international transactions.

    “Local banks should give more information about fees on the ATM screen, and then customers can make their own choice about whether to continue with the transaction,” Dr Twatchai said.

    “The TBA will try to raise awareness about the issue. Unfortunately, right now many foreign customers have a negative view of local banks due to the fee issue.”

    But a MasterCard spokesman denied that the 150-baht ATM access fee imposed by many Thai banks stemmed from any recent fee change or initiative by the company. The spokesman said MasterCard last notified member banks in October 2007 about a 0.2-percentage-point increase in fees effective from January
    2008 under cross-border agreements. Since then, no other fee increases have been made related to ATM charges.

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