Gasoline prices : more non sense coming from Abhisit

After the “I give you 20 billions THB” (special allowance to 9 millions people) and a few weeks later “I take back 20 billions THB” (increase of excise taxes)… Abhisit is diving deeper into the Ridicule Ocean.

With a striking concept :

-the tax increase that you won’t feel… for one month


Bravo ! Let’s applaud our dashing (alleged) Prime Minister.

The Energy Ministry on Thursday has reduced petrol and diesel oil contribution to the Oil Fund by Bt2 per litre, with immediate effect, so that the higher excise taxes would not affect retail prices.

Energy Minister Wannarat Charn-nukul however said that the contribution cut would remain for only one month, and after that the retail prices will be gradually increased, presumably 60-70 satang for each increase. He added that if oil prices are on the upward trend after a month, the ministry will reconsider if the subsidy period would be longer than 1 month. (Nation)

I remind you that the Oil Fund was created after the huge subsidy decided by Thaksin in 2004… This little joke costed 100 billions THB ! Since then, a small “contribution” is taken on every liter of gasoline sold, to pay back the debt.

But with years, this Oil Fund became… itself a subsidy tool, like a cushion ! That’s the irony.

Therefore, the government can increase excise tax on gasoline, but meanwhile cut the contribution to the Oil Fund. Eventually, it’s of course exatly the same ! The hike is just replaced (for sometime) by debt.

Change with Abhisit ? Do you remember the motto ? Obama ? The Black Jesus and the Green Shoots and all the circus they’ve served us ?

Well… Now you know : Abhisit is following exactly the same policy -as far as energy is concerned- than Thaksin, Surayud (Junta), Samak and Somchai… all previous PM.

Subsidies. Subsidies. Hidden subsidies.

The issue is just too explosive… they are trapped.

Energy is the weak point of the country (read here and there). More than ever.

3 Responses to “Gasoline prices : more non sense coming from Abhisit”

  1. 1 antipadshist 14 May 2009 at 9:43 pm

    Abhisit’s buddy Korn is also not idle

    Korn’s praiseworthy attempt

    “noble endeavour”

    somehow I get the feeling that those who are biggest land owners will not be affected much – but mostly the small folks will feel its full impact.

  2. 2 ThaiCrisis 14 May 2009 at 10:01 pm

    What a ridiculous and pompous editorial… “Noble endeavour”. Yeah great. 😉 The thai people is probably going to be thrilled.

    Korn is heading toward the battle field, like a noble knight, knowing he will be defeated. Super. Zzzzzzzzzuper.
    It’ll make a nice bedtime story for children.

    It’s like the french king, Francois 1er, after he lost a battle. He said : “tout est perdu, fors l’honneur”. Everything is lost, excepted the honnor”.

    Anyway. A few points.
    -Korn is an hypocrite. He’s a member of the gang. All his buddies (politicians, military, aristocrats etc.) own the land.
    -Korn is a double hypocrite, because he knows that this law will not get through
    -Korn is an idiot, because it would be a fundamental mistake to let the local communities assess, collect and spend this new tax.

    Korn should take some lesson from China… Where Beijing knows very well how to control the local levels… by centralizing the tax money… and then distributing it.

  3. 3 Bangkok Property 22 May 2009 at 4:10 pm

    I think a good time to introduce additional tax on fuel as many countries use this method to keep usage down, Thailand’s tax rate on fuel is far less than many countries in the world.

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