Chart, sales of cars : -27 % in april

Eventhough april was better for passengers cars (+5 % compared to april 2008), the whole market with commercial cars remains depressed : -27 % year on year, with a total of 39 713 units sold.

Here are the charts updated with the figures for april.



(source Bank Of Thailand)

3 Responses to “Chart, sales of cars : -27 % in april”

  1. 1 antipadshist 30 May 2009 at 4:14 am

    never mind cars – country NEEDS JETS ! 😉

    Defence is in need of Gripen fighters

    Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan yesterday said his ministry would push for the Bt15.4-billion procurement of six Gripen fighter aircraft, although they would only be bought when the fiscal situation permitted such a costly purchase.

    does Prawit know something what we don’t know – like, that Abhisit’s gov. is gonna last even less than everybody suspects – and therefore is in a great hurry to obtain this tasty morsel of “cake” for military chaps ?

  2. 2 antipadshist 30 May 2009 at 4:34 am

    but S. Thailand tourism industry is not so lucky as Chiang Mai – they don’t have baby-panda ! 😦

    THA prepares to sue Govt over tourism compensation

    The southern chapter of the Thai Hotels Association is preparing to sue the government to reclaim a final Bt14 million members paid in compensation to stranded tourists during last year’s airport closures…

    Prakit said hotels had advanced Bt114 million to tourists stranded during the airport seizures late last year. The government has repaid Bt100 million…

    so, PAD “fun” (as Kasit described it) has cost the country dearly. now however there is no much talk about it – only a little bit, coz gov. forgot to pay the last 14mln.

  3. 3 Pricilla 31 May 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Yes that jet deal will buy a few more mansions, Mercedes dealers must be salivating at the thought.

    Mind you who is the worst offender, the military industrial machine building their armaments in search of a good war, many of which they ignite, or a few generals getting the kickbacks?

    There again falling profits from Iraq would be being helped along by Afghanistan and now Pakistan. Ah nothing like a good terrorist war, no danger of actually getting invaded but get to blow the crap out of another, ca-ching.

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