South, another black day : several attacks, 10 deads

Suspected militants opened fire inside in a mosque in Thailand’s restive Muslim-majority south Monday, killing at least 10 worshippers and wounding another 13, police said.

Up to five gunmen armed with assault rifles slipped through a back door into the mosque in Cho-ai-rong district in troubled Narathiwat province, a police official said.

“They opened fire indiscriminately at about 50 worshippers inside the mosque. Ten people were killed, including the local imam,” the official said, adding that all the wounded were in a serious condition. (Bangkok Post)

This attack follows a string of others that happened in the last few days.

While we focus on the thai economy and the scandals that start to tarnish the Abhisit’s administration… the massacre continues in the South.


Abhisit promised some “changes” in the South following the artificial euphoria of his election (smoke and mirror)… He’s unable to deliver.

Just before the attack against the mosque, Abhisit was giving a speech in Malaysia.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said he is optimistic he will see an end to the violence in the South and promised new opportunities for people in the restless border provinces after talks with his Malaysian counterpart on Monday

Mr Abhisit was speaking at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

“Let me reiterate that my government’s approach is based on the belief that the key to peace and security is justice and opportunities,” he said. (Bangkok Post)

Justice ? Justice ? Opportunities ? ! As usual, Abhisit loves big -but empty- words… It’s enough to see how thai courts have closed the Tak Bai case…

Court clears security officials over Tak Bai deaths

In one of the most controversial verdicts passed in decades, a court yesterday cleared security officials of misconduct in the October 2004 Tak Bai incident in which 85 Malay-Muslim protesters died at the hands of the authorities. (Nation)

That happened one week ago…

Again and again, Abhisit should shut his mouth, and stop toying with “concepts”, get back on earth and handle the reality. On the ground.

Enough of the fantasies, enough of the Rabbit Hole, enough of the lies, enough of the double-speak, enough of the scandalous gap between reality and statements, enough of the Potemkin Village…

9 Responses to “South, another black day : several attacks, 10 deads”

  1. 1 Marvo 9 June 2009 at 10:24 am

    When a country’s leader’s incompetence, inaction and hot air only costs money and face you can kind of grin and bear it, but when it costs innocent lives then one’s heart truly sinks. A very sad situation for which there appears to be no credible govt plan to tackle.

  2. 2 sammy 9 June 2009 at 7:59 pm

    Hold on, let’s think this one through. First, why not blame the shooters instead of Abhisit? Why blame, ourselves? Why not blame the people doing the killing? How conditioned we are that we don’t even see this. I don’t think it is a coincidence this happened while Abhisit was in Malaysia. Many state governments and ranking officials in the interior ministry are close to the insurgency in Thailand. This has widely been reported on. There is a battle going on in Malaysia between those in government who want to move strongly towards sharia law for the entire country not just the states bordering Thailand, and those who want to remain nominally secular, at least in appearances to the outside world.

    But it could also be revenge killing. I have often wondered why something like this has not happened before. Certainly there are enough family members of victims to want to take out anyone associated with the terrorists, which means devote muslims as all the southern terrorist leaders caught to date have been religious teachers.

    Everyone assumes muslims would not do this to fellow muslims. But why? All the time we hear about hamas shooting rockets at Israel hoping to draw fire to muslim civilians for he PR value and radicalizing results. What about sunni on shia violence and mosque bombings so common in iraq and Pakistan? What about suni on sufi genocide in somalia? Closer to home, what about persecution of muslims who are not suni or wahabi in Indonesia? We dont even pay any attention to this. Point is, koran says its forgivable to kill muslim by muslim only during jihad if it results in strengthening of power of muslim army in so doing. So it could be muslim terrorist behind it. I think so, and most likely from Malaysia. In any case, it is pathetic that we are so conditioned we think we know what muslims believe and would or would not do, but we find it NORMAL when they kill non mulsims. Just another day in the south. We annexed them; of course they would kill schoolteachers. Nothing here to think about. Move along.

    What also annoys me is the lack of outrage and finger pointing when they jihadists over ran the Buddhist temple two years ago murdering all the temple boys and the Abhisit. Setting their bodies on fire. Anyone even remember? Or how about the female Buddhist teacher beaten slowly to death by fists while the mothers and children of the village made a human shield to slow police trying to save her. Anyone even remember? Not even 24 hours after this mosque shooting the post editorial is crying for an investigation. Why nothing when the victim is Buddhist? All we hear about is, Tak Bai, Tak Bai, Tak Bai. 1500 muslim youths, all of whom just randomly showed up to be bystanders after killing several government officials and trying to lynch the local police. Not one single participant, just 1000 bystanders. Completely random. Happens all the time. Yeah, give me a break. So the Thai army is not trained to move 1000 people and some died. Whose fault is that? The army of the people who forced their hand? That’s right. Blame ourselves not the ones doing the terror and the ones who give them shelter and comfort. Lots of pundits are criticizing the court for clearing the army according to the law. The same pundits crowing about how the courts are finally independent having the courage to follow the law with Thaksin’s corruption. You cannot have it both ways. The law is the law. We don’t have one law for Thai and one for muslim. The muslim in the south are Thai citizens. That region belonged to Thailand since the Ayuthya period. If not for the colonial british and arab invaders it would still be animist/hindu/buddhist region and peaceful. But this does not matter. It is part of thailand and the people there are thai. If they don’t want to be thai they can move away. Murdering pregnant school teachers may be ok with BBC who always repeats the false claim that Thailand annexed the southern provinces THUS TRIGGERING UNREST. Thailand did not trigger anything. Strict interpretation of islam that muslims cannot be ruled by polytheists did that.

    It is time we stopped giving the perpetrators a free ideological ride. I don’t understand what is the basis of never blaming jihadists for their action but blaming observers who point out the jihadists’ own words that they act in accordance with their religion. We are so quick to condemn the slightest hint of xenophobia or racism or “islamophobia” in our society but we defend the right of muslims in the south to ethnically cleanse all other races and religions, even those who are muslim but don’t join in like the muslims in Pakistan who don’t go along with the Taliban.

    What brought us to this mindset? Multiculturalism, white guilt projected onto Asians? Who knows? But I am sick of it. The south should be integrated with the rest of the country. Speak the language, go to school, don’t burn it down. Get a job pay taxes raise a family learn to live peacefully with your neighbors of different skin colors and religions like everyone else, and value life not destroying life. If you cannot do that, if you have to kill those who are different we have nothing to apologize for in enforcing the law and human rights, civilization. There is no justification for what these people do. It is time to proudly say that there is nothing wrong with resisting terror and supremicism. The world does not need yet another new country run by islamofacists making murder on their neighbors. The world needs a peaceful and stable Thailand. Let’s get on with it and do what has to be done and stop apologizing for not dying so easily.

  3. 3 ThaiCrisis 9 June 2009 at 9:24 pm

    Hold on Sammy… you comment goes way beyond this article, with religion etc.

    I’ve never said that Abhisit was responsible. And I never gave a “free ideological ride” to the terrorists. And I certainly don’t try to explain the shooting in the mosque and don’t point my finger.

    I just point out the gap between the public statements, and the situation on the ground. This is what this blog is about.

    Fact 1:
    -it’s pointless to speak about love, poetry, peace, harmony, democracy in the South, and other big words that suit perfectly Abhisit’s stupid smile when the killings continue on a daily basis (bombs, shootings, etc.).

    Fact 2
    -it’s pointless to make false and empty promises (“we are going to change our policies in the South” blablabla). Abhisit did it 6 months… And ? Nothing has changed. Nothing. It’s like the PM has ABSOLUTE ZERO POWER over security policies in the south. And it’s not very surprising. Abhisit is just a puppet. The big boys don’t need him to dance as they wish.

    Fact 3
    -as it is pointless to say that the thai authorities are 100 % responsible for all the violence in the South, it’s also pointless to not see their share of responsability…. The Tak Bai massacre was real. As the beheadings were real too. The horror.
    Tak Bai has been documented (several video on Internet). 80 mens (or terrorists, or djihadists whatever you want to call them) have been killed like dogs, on those military trucks, dying slowly by suffocation.
    And to hear after a thai “court” saying that :
    Army and police officials had acted according to the law, used sound judgement and done their best given the circumstances. (Nation)
    is just a joke. A sick joke.
    This will fuel further violence. And it’s probably not a coincidence if we see the current explosion of violence happening… just one week after this “justice” decision.

  4. 4 sammy 9 June 2009 at 10:07 pm


    yes, got carried away. Lost my wife’s parents down there. They were informed before their murder that were, “the vilest of creatures” because they are buddhsit. This is a quote from Koran 98:6.

    Anyway, yes, you are right, all the pm’S TALK about how they are going to solve the problems but they never do. But the reason is not that they dont try but that they dont understand the nature of this war, and policy makers like newspapers and foreign influence like UNHR committee and OIC pressure against admitting that this is a religious war.

    It is impossible for anyone to defeat an enemy they are unwilling to name, by peaceful or military means. The world is so thoroughly cowed to keep their mouths shut about jihad even while the terrorists themselves openly explain religion is their motive, even call on people like Bush or Merkel to convert to islam, etc, and we just keep willfully ignoring this and repeating to ourselves that islam means peace while trying to win their hearts and minds of people who believe you are a creature, not human.

    All politicians come to power by making promises. That is how we electorate choose among them to represent us. Abhisit is no different. Of course, everyone wants peace in the south and expects their candidates to want the same. And they do. And they tray. And they fail. Because they assume peace means the same thing, absense of violence, to everyone. But it doesnt. Peace means submition to the rule of islam to the jihadist. This is why we already have lost the south and have not even figured it out yet. and it is why Hat Yai, Songkla, Trang, Krabi and Phuket will fall in the coming decade as well. Those of us who live or have lived down here know this very well. But it is impossible for politicians to say or even imagine.

  5. 5 sammy 9 June 2009 at 10:16 pm

    Army and police officials had acted according to the law, used sound judgement and done their best given the circumstances. (Nation)is just a joke. A sick joke.
    This will fuel further violence. And it’s probably not a coincidence if we see the current explosion of violence happening… just one week after this “justice” decision.

    You may be right. But legally the court is correct under the emergency decree law and they are a court of law not public opinion. Anyway, the jihadist in the south do not need an excuse to do their work and were plenty busy killing women and kids long before Tak Bai. I still smell the bloody hand of Malaysia, but who knows. Its a lot like Algeria, they dont reveal themsleves only their demands. But Tak Bai and the court ruling does make good propaganda for their apologists, but dont forget that killing and being killed in the name of islam is an honor not a problem for them. I only mention this because they were given jihad burials by their families, not traditional funerals. What does that tell you?

  6. 6 George P Tuckeer 10 June 2009 at 10:43 am

    Sammy, you are right that terrorists do not need the Tak Bai excuse to continue their dastardly deeds, but it certainly helps their violent cause.

    The victims of Tak Bai, whether jihadists or not, were the victims of human rights violations. The deaths may have been accidental, but the accident, happened because of appalling callousness towards human life, and that should not happen in a civilized state. It is not right for the State to behave like the very terrorists it condemns and is trying to defeat. This is not only because the struggle is more about winning hearts and minds than about killing terrorists, but also because it is fundamentally wrong to abuse state power.

  7. 7 sammy 11 June 2009 at 6:47 am

    appalling callousness towards human life

    Probably more stupidity. Here you have police, with a grade school education at best, certainly not with hearts filled with loving kindness towards those who are associated with their murders and murder of family members for many years, having to move 1500 people who just tried to kill them in, what, five trucks? I am sure it never occured to them they might suffocate as they have no experience to move this many people before and are not excatly geniouses, you know? I recall this happening with people smugglers moving illegal aliens from mexico into the usa, packing too many people into trucks and they die from suffocation. Smugglers from Africa to EU on boats, too. These people are smarter than our police and yet made the same mistake. So I can see it happening not becuase of callous disregards but more like ignorance. Where the police really went wrong is not to apologize and hold themselves accountable. That was intentional and wrong, I can agree.

    You know the police here are not real police. But that’s the way the ruling class wants it. Otherwise they would fix the police but too many big people want it this way. Everyone who is law abiding from Chiang Rai to Yala has to put up with these crooks cheating, stealing, abusing them. ONly the law abiding fear the police. Sending the police to replace the army in the south was Thaksins greedy mistake and showed he only thought of how to make a baht from the misery there not fix the problems.

  8. 8 George P Tuckeer 11 June 2009 at 8:16 pm

    Sammy, your assumption is reasonable: there was most probably stupidity involved in the tragic deaths at Tak Bai. The callousness comes in the way the entire aftermath of the episode has been handled by the authorities, the government-compliant press and consequently by the public at large. The incident and the lack of uproar debases us all.

  9. 9 Rockderk Laster (the Great) 12 June 2009 at 8:33 am

    I’ve said it before (several thousand times through the past decade) and here it comes again: CCTV. Either would have put the perps. off, or caught them.

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