International arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport, chart : -26 % in may

After the chart of international passengers (embarking, disembarking and transit) at all international thai airports… here is another set of data : International tourist arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport, per month.

I prefer this one. More focused.


We had -26 % in may (606 533 arrivals) compared to may 2008 (821 601 arrivals).

As per nationality, we can see a striking -55 % for China, -32 % for Japan, -37 % for Asean. Europe resists with -10 %. USA at -19 %.

There is no improvement whatsoever… And there won’t be any any time soon.

The flu scare does not help of course. The politicians love the flu, because it can help them to hide their own responsabilities and limitations. But I believe it’s a secondary factor. The main one is of course the crisis, followed by the political crisis (absolutely not solved despite the stupid Abhisit’s smile).

People have less money to travel. Period. It’s a budget easy to cut.

We are likely to see a -25 % decrease, minimum, for the whole year. The inane Tourism Minister can eat his hat and his stupid projections and “targets” (thai politicians love “targets”, it helps them to feel important).

(Source, Office Of Tourism Development)

1 Response to “International arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport, chart : -26 % in may”

  1. 1 brazoo 22 June 2009 at 9:54 pm

    I am at Suvarnabhumi right now … going home from vacation. When coming to the airport there was a huge taxi cue way up the high way. It must have been like 2 to 3 km. Had to laugh a bit, since I guess they will spend the whole night waiting.

    I checked in and then on to immigrations … and what I saw there was new for me and never ever happened to me at Suvarnabhumi before … no cues … absolutly no cues … I am used to spend 20 min. waiting, but this time I could choose. It took more time to choose which desk to aproach then actually stamping my passport.

    So if May figures were bad, June will be worse … at least thats what I am seeing.

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