By-elections : another defeat for Abhisit, another slap in establishment’s face

The opposition Puea Thai party is the likely winner of the by-election in Si Sa Ket province, according to the Election Commission’s unofficial result on Sunday evening.

EC member Songsak Chantharukkha said more than 60 per cent of the ballots in Constituency 1 of Si Sa Ket had been counted.

He said Puea Thai MP Surachart Charnpradit had at least 40,000 more votes than Chart Thai Pattana MP Sakulthip Angkasakulkiat. (Bangkok Post)

Another (large) victory for Thaksin’s party with by-elections. And another defeat for the “Frankenstein Coalition“, led by the Democrat Party and supported by Newin… ex-friend of Thaksin.

Yes, over and over again, we shall repeat ad nauseam that Abhisit, in order to be elected PM by the House last december, had to sign a devil pact with someone who was a close ally of the so called Arch Devil : Taksin himself !

And Abhisit is still pretending to be proud, to be a “democracy” lover… It’s laughable. Anyway.

That’s the problem with those damned elections : people do not vote like the so called “democracy lovers” (military, Abhisit, bureaucrats, convervators etc.) want them to vote ! How terribly unfortunate… 😉

It happened in 2001, 2005, in 2006, and in 2008… everytime… they voted for Thaksin… And then there have been a coup, and the dissolution of TRT and PPP to “balance” the situation… To “fix” it.

The political stalemate is still vivid.

Despite all the government’s efforts to promote “normality” (an appearance of normality, like a huge Potemkin Village), the thai society is deeply divided.

Abhisit has solved nothing (he’s unable and unwilling to , being just a “cardboard” Prime Minister, controled by the establishement).

7 Responses to “By-elections : another defeat for Abhisit, another slap in establishment’s face”

  1. 1 Mr. Sin Lee 29 June 2009 at 2:29 am

    Having lived in Issan for 15 years and Thailand for 26 years I cannot disagree with you more. One in Issan the people are easily swayed to this criminal Thaksin. They have always voted for him and they have always been paid to do so. I understand the mentality of these people and can say that Issan people all respect anyone who helped them or gave them money before. As well as that the Democrats never got many votes in this province. If they had a bi-election in Bangkok or anywhere South of there where there are more educated peole I would say he would get not too many votes and the Democrats would win.
    Yes the cards are stacked against Abhisit by these fools. Do you think a criminal is a better leader? Give him a chance things are difficult here like everywhere at least he is not robbing the nation for his own personal gain. Furthermore it was the coalition party that ran against him. Unfortunately Abhisit has had to use such people like Banharn and Newin to ensure his strength and this is his weakpoint as they are all not much different than Thaksin. So what do you want here another time with a criminal who had thousands murdered in his drug war and robbed Thailand blind. Put him in jail that’s what I say and try all his other cases and lock him up forever.

  2. 2 ThaiCrisis 29 June 2009 at 3:00 am

    Sin Lee : typical, classical rethoric.

    What about the “general” elections of december 2007 ? Were those “national” elections organised only in Issan ? The PPP won. Period. And not only in Issan.

    I mean : get real and get your facts straight before to repeat like a parrot the conservator’s doxa.

    The fact that Thaksin endorsed wrong policies, and certainly criminal ones (directly or indirectly, war on drugs, South etc.)… does not absolve the other side. One’s sins can’t absolve other’s sins.

    It’s an intellectual fraud to pretend otherwise. I wrote it over and over again, enough of such cheap rethoric. The end doesn’t justify all the means.

    You’re against Thaksin ? Fair enough, and you have very good reasons for it, but don’t fall into the trap of “the end justifies all the means” (military coup, silent coup, bozo coup).

    Don’t sell your soul to another devil in order to get rid of the first one.

    Thaksin was, is wrong ? Sure. But that doesn’t make Abhisit (Surayud, the Junta, or any other clowns) an angel.

    “At least he’s not robbing the nation”… So what ? He was elected by a gang of crooks (the military + Newin’s group). This is like an original sin. It’s a stain, that can’t be washed away, can’t be discarded.

    And he’s surely robbing the nation by procuration
    I remind you that Abhisit gave to Newin the Transport Ministry. And you know very well what it means in Thailand !

    And what about the “national bribe of 2000 THB given to 8 millions people” ? Thaksin’s way of buying votes ? Abhisit.

    And what about the odious, the revolting scandal of the Rohingya refugees ? Sounds like the Tak Bai massacre… Thaksin ? Abhisit.

    For Buddha or Christ’s sakes, wake up !

    Abhisit was elected PM with the support, the betrayal of Newin. Newin represents probably the worst thing the thai political system can produce (along Samak, Chalerm and many so called “Democrats”)… Therefore like 1+1 = 2, by osmosis, Abhisit is guilty.

    It’s indeed a “Frankenstein Coalition”. To hear Abhisit speaking about rule of law, justice, democracy, is just unbearable.

    If you are a true democrat you should simply vomit.

    Abhisit is a puppet. A vulgar cardboard Prime Minister…

  3. 3 George P Tuckeer 29 June 2009 at 1:37 pm

    There’s no easy solution. There may be honest Thai politicians, but I haven’t seen any. Corruption is endemic in Thailand and the solution is long way off because, as a recent poll shows, the populace believes it’s OK if corruption leads to improvements. Apparently people don’t realize that corruption PREVENTS social and economic improvements. This kind of cognitive dissonance needs to be lifted before any inroads can be made against corruption.

    Under the circumstances, authoritarian shortcuts may seem attractive to a tentative democrat like Abhisit, but never to a true democrat. One thing that history has taught us is that when you swim with the sharks, like Abhisit is doing, you get eaten one way or the other. He may not be corrupt, but, as TC implies, that doesn’t matter—the result for the country is no different.

    I can understand how easy it is to convince yourself that the end justifies the means, but it never does.

    Things will get worse before they get better, but they won’t get better till most people stop believing that it’s OK to do Wrong to achieve what’s Right.

  4. 4 whoopla 29 June 2009 at 7:31 pm

    I wonder what Sin Lee means by “fools”? Does it mean they are fools because they are denied an education? Or maybe the deniers are the fools because a revolution of sorts is inevitable sooner or later. Lets hope its a peaceful one. Time will tell who the real fools are, truly foolish.

  5. 5 antipadshist 29 June 2009 at 8:19 pm


    read Fonzi’s latest blog post about Korn’s interview on A.times

    particularly the part where he points out that Korn said : no matter what government will be, the mega-projects (for which those loans were acquired) will continue.

    so, I hink that in reality, even Korn and Abhisit do not worry so much about the silly matter of elections – they have a much bigger fish to fry !

    and especially so – the Establishment, all those dudes who pull the strings on Korn, Abhisit & Dems – for those REAL players all these politicians and governments are disposable.

    hell ! even Constitutions are disposable for them – the SUPPOSED “higherst & ultimate law in the country” – what to speak about some petty squabble between silly political parties over elections in some constituency ! 😉

    as saying goes : “The show must go on
    aka – the PRETENCE of so called elections, and then so called “debates” in so called “Parlaiment”, and so called “polls of public opinions”. this whole charade of the so called “Unique Thai Democracy” 😀

    using the words of late George Carlin (only he spoke them about US, not Thailand – but it is still relevant) :

    The REAL owners of this country know the secret – it is called ‘American Dream’, because one has to be ASLEEP to believe it

    so, I think if replace the word ‘American’ to ‘Thai’ – it works all the same damn well to reflect the REALITY of what’s actually going on in this magic keengdoom of “The land of smiles” ! 🙂
    which is to put it briefly:
    elections are merely for show to BS stupid sheeple

  6. 6 Tarrin 30 June 2009 at 9:43 pm

    TC I think you need to ignore people like Sin Lee, we all know he’s working for the propaganda ministry and they have the writing theme set for them!! theme gdi!

    Here is how they structure their writing

    I’m a foreigner (yeah somehow a foreigner has more credibility than a thai even if they dont know jack about Thailand, anyway) from **** (preferably Isan so people think he/she really knows about people there, what about the North?? or even the East???)

    Then they will say, let ME tell you how Isan people are so stupid, yeah, and they even get pay to vote for Thaksin (Who Isan people vote for in the past before Thaksin enter into the political arena is never cross one mind, who got any idea here? but i’m certain its not the Dem)

    Then they will say, ALTHOUGH I’m living in Isan but I can tell you that people from the South are more educated, damn I’m so smart.

    Then they will say, BUT I forgot to mention that all the hope is not lost, because we have ABHISIT!! WOOHOO he can save us all, yeah, HOWEVER, damn those Newin and Banhan to hindering Abhisit greatness, curse them.

    Then they will end the sentence with, ANYHOW, Thaksin is evil and we should put him in jail……

    I mean come on, aint we all saw this kind of writing everywhere in almost all of Thailand political forum.

  7. 7 Pricilla 3 July 2009 at 7:13 pm

    I see Obama bailing out the banks that helped finance him, strengthening the privately owned Fed and seemingly driving that country to further ruin, and I wonder about democracy. Not the ideal which is still the best system we have, but the reality that those with money or influence can pretty well buy elections where they please. And to only further their own ends, certainly not of the country or it’s population.

    So how does Thailand differ? Just a another bunch of crooks looking to feather their own nest. How you win isn’t important only that you do.

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