Transport Minister and the buses : “I’ll never scrap the project or I will lose face”


Transport Minister Sohpon Zarum insisted on Thursday morning that he would never drop his ministry’s plan to lease 4,000 NGV buses for Bangkok and would continue to press ahead with it.

Mr Sohpon was responding to a report that the leader of the Friends of Newin group, Newin Chidchob, was invited to have lunch with Prime Minister Abhisit at Baan Pitsanulok yesterday, and the premier asked Mr Newin to put the controversial project on hold.

Mr Newin was reported to have agreed to the request. His group is the major faction within the Bhumjaithai Party.

I will never let the project to be scrapped, or I will lose face,” the Bhumjaithai transport minister said.

”It is unnecessary to talk with Mr Newin about this matter as I am responsible for this project.” (Bangkok Post)

Sohpon is the Clown Of The Day.

Reminder : this project was designed to be a cash cow. The Newin’s gang pushed for it like crazy… But the scandal is too obvious, even by thai standards.

Public opinion starts to wake up, to understand that our dashing Prime Minister Abhisit was… elected thanks to Newin’s MP… And that Abhisit gave to Newin the Transport Ministry (as a pay out).

Hum… like a stain. It’s messy. So it’s likely that the project is going to be scrapped.

And Sohpon will lose face.

And that will be another great satisfaction. 😉

1 Response to “Transport Minister and the buses : “I’ll never scrap the project or I will lose face””

  1. 1 pregnancy 9 July 2009 at 4:38 pm

    Hope he do have a mind for lose control of economics in Thailand than to lose his face. Hope he do knows that Thai people pay tax to feed him and his family. Hope the best for Thailand to have the right person to run the country soon.

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