Audioclipgate : Abhisit unleashes his thought police against 2 suckers


Thought police ? Thinkpol in newspeak.

Police have arrested two employees of SC Assets Plc for having allegedly mailed the doctored audio clip of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

The two were arrested on Sunday by Crime Suppression Division police. […]

The two were arrested under the warrant issued by the Criminal Court on Sunday on charges of disseminating false information via computer network, causing damage to other people.

The sources said the interrogation found that the two were not the ones who doctored the audio clip to sound that the prime minister ordered the use of violence against red-shirt protesters.

According to the sources, the two simply mailed out the copies of the audio clip after one of them got a CD containing the clip.

Investigators are now finding out from whom one of the suspects had obtained the CD

This story about the “doctored audio clip” has no interest, whatsoever.

It’s just another thai drama, AKA a hurricane inside a glass of political water.

Abhisit has denied the story and has denounced the manipulation. Fair enough. Case closed. The case should have been closed

But we are in Thailand, a country where you get 18 years of jail for a speech made in public

A country where the police can come to arrest you because you have just sent… an e-mail !

Your crime ? Thought crime.

The 2 poor suckers… are just suckers indeed. But they were arrested by the bully boys of Abhisit, in the name of an insane law.

Burma ? North Korea maybe ? Iran perhaps ? China ?

No. Thailand, 2009.

Wake up Thailand…. things are getting dangerously out of control.

And as usual, we are waiting for the official reaction of our dashing Prime Minister about those serious matters. What does he think ? Does he agree ? Does he disagree ?

Allegedly educated in Oxford, Abhisit has ruined our ears with big and promising words since his “election” (ah ah ah) last december : “democracy”, “rule of law”, blablabla etc.

Afterall, why not ? The guy looked sincere…. And he was certainly an angel compared to Samak-The-Monster.

But how this man can look himself in the mirror now ?

Abhisit you’re a disgrace.

4 Responses to “Audioclipgate : Abhisit unleashes his thought police against 2 suckers”

  1. 1 lek 1 September 2009 at 9:18 am

    The 2 poor suckers…

    This is hardly a case of persecuting two suckers for simply sending an e-mail. Here you have the staff of Thaksin’s company disseminating false information with criminal intent. This is a crime in most countries and it should be here, too.

    These guys are not suckers; they are paid to conduct war on the government in order to overthrow it by violence. You are way off base on this one.

    Now the Nation’s editorial on Daranee, that one deserves being ripped.


  2. 2 ThaiCrisis 1 September 2009 at 1:05 pm

    Lek : you might be right. And after ? In Thailand, to be a political opponent is now a crime.

    And the bottom line remains the same : in Thailand, you can be arrested on the spot for sending an e-mail, that allegedly contains defamation material. The 2 suckers didn’t even produce this material.

    This case is nothing more than a defamation case. And you should be treated this way.

    No like crazy a anti terrorist, national security story.

  3. 3 fall 1 September 2009 at 8:46 pm

    Au contraire, mon ami, I’ld say things are dangerously in control.
    But that’s definitely picture of the future, mister Winston…

    The arrest is so ridiculous that it isn’t worth ridiculing. It does take a genius to book ONLY two guys who remotely link to Thaksin and make news out of it. Unless the police can prove those two did make the editing(which would take a REAL police work), this is a case of outlandish selective justice.

  4. 4 THUNDERMARE 3 September 2009 at 11:29 pm

    Lek your logic actually crack me up, there are other people who also recieve the disc+email, why non got arrest but must be 2 employees from SC???

    BTW, When Bush was in power, there are THOUSAND of clips, let me say again, more than THOUSAND of clips that make it sound like the Iraq war was actually a lost cause, said by Mr. Bush himself. Did anyone get arrest for threating national security??? nope none, living under dictatorship rules really crack up your mind.

    Moreover, a poorly edited audio clip will not cause any voilence unless the clip was actually true, which i think its not.

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