King’s health : everything seems fine… but why do they keep him in hospital ?

The King was hospitalized one week ago for “fever, fatigue and loss of appetite“.

Doctors treated him with “antiobiotics and intravenous fluids“. Since a few days, his health is improving according to the official statements.

Here is the latest one :

His Majesty the King has no fever and is able to sleep more on his eighth day of treatment at Siriraj Hospital, according to the Royal Household Bureau’s statement yesterday.

The bureau, in its seventh statement, said His Majesty’s fever had disappeared, his blood-test result was normal and he was sleeping better.

His Majesty was admitted to Siriraj Hospital after developing fever and not eating last weekend. (Nation)

So the difference between statement 7 and 8, is that the King is “sleeping more“.

So to summarize: fever has disappeared, appetite came back, blood tests are okay, sleep is okay… So logically, the King should leave the hospital very soon. And even probably sunday.

8th official statement.

His Majesty the King is in a good condition in general, can eat more and is undergoing physical rehabilitation and receiving medication, the eighth Royal Household Bureau statement said yesterday.

His Majesty will continue to receive medication until the course is complete, said the statement. (Nation)

Even the thai journalists do not know what to say… The Nation has completed its article… with a story about the King building a sailing ship himself in 1967 ! “All with his bare hands and at a time when there was no computerised assistance“.

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