After the army, Abhisit pays off Newin : 64 billions THB


The “4000 leased buses” plan… You remember ? It was in the medias before the summer…

A weird scheme (scam ?) to lease 4000 NGV buses… pushed like crazy by Newin’s friends, for several months. Obviously. And this fact is already a smoking gun. Why they were so insistent ?

We all know, unfortunatly, the answer.

First a reminder : Newin is the boss of the gang of MP’s who changed allegiance… from Thaksin to Abhisit last december. They have elected Abhisit Prime Minister. Not the people. It was a trick, designed by the military behind closed doors. It’s what I call the Frankenstein Coalition.

But when you kiss the Devil… the Devil owns you. And most definitely Newin owns Abhisit, the Puppet Prime Minister who is having fun at the New York Stock Exchange, at the G20 meeting, and on CNBC. The Puppet Prime Minister who are breaking our ears since december with big (but empty) ideas and words : democracy, rule of law etc. You know the drill.

Abhisit started to pay off the Army, opening the purse to buy various stupid toys, swedish jetfighters and even a submarine

And guess what ? Now it’s pay off time for Newin.

Plans by the Transport Ministry to lease 4,000 natural gas-fuelled buses at a cost of 64 billion baht have been given the green light by the cabinet.

Transport Minister Sohpon Zarum yesterday said the cabinet had approved the project for the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority to lease the air-conditioned buses for 10 years. (Bangkok Post)

64 billions THB that will go through Newin’s gang.

The plan was heavily criticized. Abhisit tried to gain time… by giving the hot potatoe to some commission… We were sure that the idea would be scrapped : because even by the thai standards, the scandal was too large.

But we were wrong.

Abhisit must be really desesperate…

Anyway. Change with Abhisit ? Probity ? Honesty ? Straightforwardness ? Rule of law ? Democracy blabla ? Those were the keywords. Yes We Can’t !

Abhisit is nothing more than a dirty thai politician.

I repeat : a dirty thai politician.

Like all his peers.

There are no differences between them (if you put on the side the stupid smile and the nice hair cut).

I mean the people who believed in this man should come forward. Don’t you feel abused ? Don’t you feel rapped ?

How do you react after such news ? How could you, once again, exempt Abhisit from his reponsabilities ?

15 Responses to “After the army, Abhisit pays off Newin : 64 billions THB”

  1. 1 Saul 30 September 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Remember when Thaksin and his cronies had to be overthrown in order to root out the endemic corruption they fostered and replace it first with a squeaky clean group of generals and then with a shiny smiling Prime Minister and his group of open, transparent and rule-of-law henchman of the Democrat and Newin variety?

    Well the new World Bank Index of Corruption has now arrived and it turns out the level of corruption in Thailand and especially in dealings, transactions and contracts involving the Thailand government are worse than ever……..
    from the Bangkok Post Sept 30, 2009:

    World Bank sees no progress on Thai corruption

    Thailand has failed to address corruption as key indicators have remained unchanged during the past decade, according to the World Bank.

    A World Bank survey found that six governance indicators in Thailand in 2008 stood in a range of 25-50 on a scale where zero is most corrupt and 100 least corrupt. Thailand’s score beat Indonesia’s but Indonesia has made big improvements in all indicators.

    The six indicators are: voice and accountability, political stability, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law, and control of corruption.

    “Political instability in Thailand last year declined enormously when compared to the past ten years,” said Joel Turkewitz, programme co-ordinator for the regional governance hub, at a seminar on fraud and corruption in a downturn.

    Charnchai Charuvastr, president and CEO of the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD), said political instability created opportunities for corruption.

    “The issue of corruption is related to the country’s economic growth as it is related to investor confidence and efficiency of budget spending. Thailand now needs foreign investment but if there is high corruption, foreign investors will rarely invest here,” he said.

    He said Thai society should be reshaped in many areas such as materialism, which makes Thais prone to commit fraud or corruption.

    Research by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) also found that corruption in Thailand has not improved in the past five years. Narong Rathamarit, the assistant to the commission’s secretary-general, said corruption was often a reason for military coups. But elected governments were unable to solve corruption and fraud.

    He said the NACC survey found that the business sector also felt corruption had not reduced. Under-the-table money to secure concessions or projects from government agencies had soared.

    “In my opinion, businesspeople accepted the practice of paying extra money to get concessions or construction contracts from the government as a normal tradition,” Mr Narong said.

    The research found the Lands Department is the agency with most problems with tea money, with 72.22% of visits by businesspeople and individuals. It is estimated people pay about 8,933 baht in extra money per case in 2009, compared with 7,066 baht in 2003.

    Tea money to politicians is estimated at 314,050 baht per case in 2009, up from 143,389 baht in 2003. The average bribe per case to the Customs Department in 2009 is estimated at 111,948 baht, up from 33,583 baht in 2003

  2. 2 Bedwyr 30 September 2009 at 4:15 pm


    You miss the fundamental point about Thailand. Nobody is worried about corruption, Corruption could have been resolved years ago if the will existed but it doesn’t. The recent tambon elections in the village I visit were full of vote-buying as recently as a week ago; a friend of mine received 60THB from one candidate and 100THB from the other one, and then spoiled her vote because she didn’t like either one of them.

    The exercise in Thailand is not to resolve problems like pirating software, defrauding tourists and corruption at all levels of government, they are just not interested things are just fine the way they are.

    The exercise is to convince the stupid foreigners out there, you know, the ones who never understand the intellectually and culturally superior Thais, that things are improving. Why, even our esteemed PM said as recently as last week “things must be normal again, so please invest in Thailand where you cannot own your own business, because there hasn’t been a coup while I have been away” (or words to that effect). How bad do things have to be be to hear that kind of stupid statement?

    Things in Thailand are falling apart, Abhisit will go down in history as the elite’s catamite who fiddled or something while Rome burned.

    Proof of the pudding. When people talk about improving Thailand, count how many times the word ‘image’ comes up. Appearance is all, substance is bugger all.


  3. 3 Insanity 30 September 2009 at 4:28 pm

    Opposition grows on the project to lease 4,000 NGV buses.

    Membors of the Senetors 40 group denounce the PM over the deal. The government is thinking about itself not the benefit of the people.


  4. 4 David Brown 30 September 2009 at 5:17 pm

    the corrupt elite do not want to admit that it is fully elected governments that are the way to reduce corruption

    appointing politicians is corruption already

    elected politicians are answerable to the people that vote for them

    who are the elite and appointed politicians answerable to?

  5. 5 Pricilla 30 September 2009 at 5:41 pm

    Agree corruption is endemic om Thailand, but what about Wall St and the Goldman-Sachs run or owned Government supporting them. What about the Federal Reserve charging the US tax payers interest on every dollar they print despite the Constitution forbidding it. What about the reeking stench of institutionalized corruption from the government in NSW Australia. Corruption is peanuts here in comparison to the oh so civilized West, so why do we try to feel so superior and advanced? All politicians are parasites on the jugular of their societies.

  6. 6 ThaiCrisis 30 September 2009 at 5:45 pm

    Don’t get me wrong Pricilla : I never said that the West was any better. Manners are different sure… but basic principles remain perfectly identical.

  7. 7 ray 30 September 2009 at 6:17 pm

    news update.

    the lottery case has been dismissed.
    i think what is going on is all cases against newin will be thrown out and cases gaainst thaksin mr thaksin will be found guilty.

    look out in a few years we will have pm newin. so far bangkokians who love democrats are fed up with abisit.
    people in south are fed up with abisit. main reason no backbone. and for these two regions the pad party will be the alternative. sort of like flavor of the month.

    as for central/north/esaan region the loath abisit. they loathe pad. and now with thaksin gone newin is the new hope. also all factions of pue thai party will leave thaksin to dry and go all out for newin. newin is even stronger because he will say that i respect the law. i did not run. and best of all i am innocent.
    in a real democracy the coup leaders of sept 19 will have a lot of questions to answer to.

  8. 8 fall 30 September 2009 at 9:49 pm

    Chuan, Abhisit, any front man… same old story.
    Put someone with dashing smile and cool manner and parade him around as head. All dirty deed can be done in the open and no one would care.

    Wonder if PT/TRT/whatever done the same thing, put Jaturon in front as PM with Thaksin as unofficial backing. Would the public and media react differently?
    Oh, wait, they already did with Samak and Somchai(ok, Samak is not clean, but you get my point)…

  9. 9 Tarrin 1 October 2009 at 11:36 am

    I think people have to redefine the word “corruption” into a bit more gray rather than a black and white matter.

    Pricilla I want you to read about the example I’m given and tell me what you think.

    Once I had to apply for temporary visa to stay in the US because I wasnt ready to leave the country just yet. Then on the application form there is a paragraph and a box to mark. The paragraph stated that (not a direct quote but close to)

    “The process will require approximately 2 months to complete”

    then next to the paragraph the box mark stated
    “Accelerated Process Request, $50” – “The process will be complete within 2 weeks”

    I’m not making this up ok, you can go and grab the form at any immigration office.

    Now, my point is, if we live in Thailand, we called it “Tea money” but in US they called it “Accelerated Process Request”
    So, at that moment the form teach me one valuable thing. As long as everything is on the table and can be tax, it is not corruption. Now, why we have so many corruption in Thailand? because we didnt bring those thing onto the table. Instead we make this shady laws that neither prohibit or allow such as an act (look at the lotto case).

    Lotto case is a very good example case of eradication of corruption by bring it on the table. The police usually get a cut of the pie from the illegal lotto ring, this illegal money create mafia and illegal syndication business (when someone didnt pay up, they send in the hit man, who is usually also from the military). By bring it on the table, the illegal money is no longer illegal, the police cannot accept the money anymore because the lotto ring dont have to pay for protection anymore because now they have to spend their money to get customer instead of protection.

    The cost of avoiding the draft in Thailand is 20,000 baht – why not making that a legal option and tax the money?? There is a corruption because the system permit it to be and the easiest way to eradicate corruption is to bring in on the table.
    We had mafia like Al Capone because the US prohibited the sell of alcohol in the 1920s.

  10. 10 ray 1 October 2009 at 12:02 pm

    we have to keep in mind that the thailand never had a was always “managed” democracy. thats why we have all these problems. the 4000 bus deal was a pay off for having pratheep as the head of police dept( thats what i think).

    the eite want old style politics without thaksin. no one gives a d!!@ about the people or public. now even the pad is silent. they know.

    slowly and surely thaksin is being sidelined. newin knows this. all prime minister thailand has ever had is always a puppet. except thaksin. he was becoming too popular. but by no means he is a good person.

    well now we have abisit. honest govt? u wish. in the corruption scenario everything is hte same just more people , who were sidelined during thaksin, now3 get a peice of the pie.

    the yellow/red/thais in general have been punked.. as always…

  11. 11 Insanity 3 October 2009 at 12:10 pm


    Procurement process suspended:
    The Public Health Ministry has suspended the procurement process for six controversial products in the wake of a scandal centring on an Bt86billion project.

    Among them are ultraviolet fans that the Rural Doctors Society has said are overpriced.


    Would be interesting to hear from anyone who has news on the MANY huge casinos being developed in the Golden Triangle (Laos/Burma – opposite Chiang Saen). Who is behind them? etc etc

  12. 12 Socrates 4 October 2009 at 7:10 am

    The corruption in Thailand is in many ways much worse then in neighboring countries and the Thai´s abuse all immigrants from those countries.

    Everyone knows that Phuket was build (still is) up with cheap labor from Burma, so is Koh Samui. They take the refugees and make them work for nothing or else beaten or sent to jail or told to swim back home.

    You can see these poor people working 24/7 and no one is complaining.

    The Thai´s are very much nationalistic in their approach to all foreigners and their attitude and actions complement that.

    The reason Thailand has any investors at all is because most of them don´t realize how deep the corruption goes and that is because the country is NOT democratic to begin with but they make sure it looks that way.

    When you live or work or invest in Thailand you right away lose free speech and expression of your point of view. Your are pure pressured in to acting like all is ok or else you can leave or worse they will make you leave.

    Most people who live and work in Thailand do so with a bitter resentment against the Thai´s and it´s easy to understand why.

    The Thai´s and the Thai factor is something that is so strong and oppressing that most people leave there much sooner than they planned too. Even your cleaning lady controls your time and money does not buy you any of the human rights you took for granted when you moved there.

    If the Thai´s don´t like something (and do not plan to act according to your wishes) they will not say not and act like all is ok but they will not deliver anything. When you press the matter they will just smile at you… and if you try to object it will surely get worse.

    So you always lose no matter how trivial or not the matter is because you don´t have any rights and if you do they come somewhere after all other people and animals (including the water buffalo). They will never say this to you but their actions speak louder then any words.

    I think the best thing for the Thai´s and democracy, if they don´t want to stay for ever in the dark ages, is for Thaskin to take control again. He was not perfect by any means but what he did scared the shit out of the Monarchy and rest of the Chineese/Thai elite.

    That is why he was removed and that is why they fear him more then anything. That is also the reason why the common Thai people need him so badly.

    He is even more likely now then ever, since he has been living abroad as a refugee, to understand the true problems of his nation.

  13. 13 Bedwyr 4 October 2009 at 4:10 pm


    Unfortunately, I fully agree with you. The best thing for Thailan is now for the yellows and the reds o unite. The yellows can keep the reds honest and the reds can bring democracy. Of course Thaksin must review his morality and ethical practices but this is not impossible with the right influence from Chamlong.

    When Sanoh announced his impending retirement, he said that the country has collapsed, and he implied that he is demoralised. I think it has and he should be, in that order.

    Mostly, whem a large animal is shot, it will stagger on for a while before falling down dead. I believe Thailand is now staggering. The wound is mortal and change is now inevitable. We have passed the tipping point and the only variable now is how much pain will be necessary to bring about meaningful change.


  14. 14 Tarrin 4 October 2009 at 9:49 pm

    Socrates – In my opinion, Thaksin is the biggest royalist of all, but your statement also shows that, no many how clean the guy trying the lick the feet of the monarch, they will destroy you if you manage to out love the Thais.

  15. 15 Socrates 5 October 2009 at 5:43 am


    Yes, I think this is true and the chips have been thrown and nothing can stop the pain that follows the changes that need to happen. But this is small pain compared to the pain of ignorance and silencing that goes on. People are scared and numb and have been for ages.


    I don´t agree but we shall see. I think Thaskin looks at himself as the savior and that is both good and bad. But he can´t wait for the King to go down because as soon as that happens his time will arrive.

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