Times On Line gives the finger to the thai government

The “Times Online” has unofficially refused to comply with a request by the Thai government to hand over the controversial taped interview with former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to Thailand, which contained parts that are deemed lese majeste, according to the Minister to the PM’s Office Satit Wonghnongtaey. (PRD)

And even deeper into the Rabbit Hole :

The government will not stop requesting the tape of an interview by ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from the Times Online although the latter has unofficially rejected the request, according to Minister to Prime Minister’s Office Satit Wonghnongtoey.

Mr Satit stated that the news agency had already denied Thailand’s request, claiming that it was the right and freedom of the press.
However, the government had assigned officials concerned to submit another letter to the Times Online demanding an official statement to clarify the matter, he said.

The minister affirmed that the government would not stop asking for Mr Thaksin’s interview tape since the issue has hurt the feelings of Thai people. He added that if the Times Online was sincere and did not have any deals with the ex-prime minister, the news agency should give cooperation to the Thai government in the investigation process. (PRD)

Paranoid. And hysterical. Totally. Those are the proper words to qualify such behaviour.

To read this famous interview and my comments, click here.

So to summarize : an english media has given the finger to those thai maniacs who think that the world is besieging Thailand, that there is a universal conspiracy to “hurt the feelings of Thai people“, that there is a global threat against “thai national security“, orchestrated by Thaksin and legions of devil foreign journalists who don’t understand Thailand (of course).

Oh dear… we do understand… too well. That’s their problem. 😉

But the worst is : those clowns might indeed believe their own words and fantasies. That’s the scary part.

Because, beyond the obvious political manipulation (they push everything at their hand against Thaksin), there is a nefarious way of thinking gaining some momentum right now in Thailand.

It’s called Thoughtcrime. They arrest a doctor who wrote something on the web about the King’s health. They ask foreign medias to “comply” with their requests… etc. They accuse foreign new editor of lese-majeste. Shall we see a pattern there ?

Something is seriously wrong in Thailand…

And meanwhile, we still wait for some bright comments coming from Abhisit, our young, dashing and Oxford-educated Prime Minister. You know the guy who loves to speak about “democracy” and “rule of law” on CNN (and here)…

What does he think about this stuff ? Afterall, this minister is close to him.

So do we have to conclude that Abhisit agrees ? That Abhisit doesn’t give a shit about the freedom of the press ? That Abhisit has forgotten everything they (allegedly) taught him in Oxford ?

13 Responses to “Times On Line gives the finger to the thai government”

  1. 1 Bedwyr 23 November 2009 at 7:13 am

    Yes, the Nation today carries the story that ‘The [Thai] government will apply more pressure to the Times…”

    By which it means it will ask again – and I expect it will get the finger again.

    Oh dear, it is Thais that just do not understand. The world does not give a fig for what it thinks. Thais are irrelevant, with all their huffing ad puffing, and that nobody gives a rat’s ass if their feelings are hurt. Of course it isn’t Thais in general that is being referred to, just the rather dim lot at the top of the tree, who, remarkably, appear to actually believe their own propaganda.

    It is the Thais who just do not understand, and that is because, according to a previous ambassador to Thailand, “Thais are relatively unintelligent”.

    For which there is no shortage of evidence these days…

    To paraphrase the immortal words of Derren Brown, the Thai government should print out the letter, fold it up nice and tight and pop it up their collective bottoms. But of course their collective heads will probably get in the way…

    Thais appear to enjoy taking the rectal view.

  2. 2 ThaiCrisis 23 November 2009 at 2:09 pm

    Rectal view ? 😉
    That was a nice one.

  3. 3 Tarrin 23 November 2009 at 3:12 pm

    lol rectal view!

    Well Bedwyr, that’s so much Thai bashing, good that you are referring to the top of the tree and not the lower and grass root one lol.

  4. 4 Bewdyr 23 November 2009 at 5:22 pm

    Hi Tarrin,

    Yes, you are right, it is something I had not placed sufficient emphasis on before.

    I regularly travel to Thailand and the many Thais (for some reason they are mainly red-shrts, though I suspect that is because most Thais are red-shrts) are welcoming and very pleasant. I love these people.

    But the Bangkok Thai is often a piece of shit and a desperate social climber, the hi-so Thai is a complete pain in the ass and generally not that bright, and every Thai ‘pooyay’ I’ve ever met (from Prem down) frankly represents a strong argument for legalising euthanasia.

    So yes, I had not made it clear but then my interest in Thailand progressing should have suggested an affection for something, since I don’t go to bars and I am not gay 😀

  5. 5 Pricilla 23 November 2009 at 6:01 pm

    Having a dig at governments anywhere is not attacking the populations although they would like to portray it that way.

    To attain government stupidity, arrogance, aloofness, steadfast determination to push through financial supporter agendas, media spin and outright lying seem to be acceptable character traits. Basically most of the things that would get you arrested for fraud in the private sector (except of course if you are a banker).

    The Thai government I would suspect are worried about Taksin ever making a comeback so use him as the bogey man, after all the more Thais fear the bogey man the less attention they pay to the government shenanigans and rorts. Read they just gave themselves a nice pay rise too, good stuff.

    Mind you read that in the west public servants with their guaranteed for life employment, generous holidays and retirement plans now even make larger incomes than the private sector, where will you steer your kids?

  6. 6 whoopla 23 November 2009 at 6:51 pm

    Pricilla, it takes quite a sizeable amount of non government people to allow a government to stand, therefore you cannot have an idiot government without a certain amount of idiots passively allowing it to be.
    I agree with Bewdyr that the non Bangkok people are the lovely ones left in the country, but as far as euthanasia goes, I wouldnt necessarily advocate “painless killing” for many of Bangkok’s elite, they deserve better.

  7. 7 fall 23 November 2009 at 9:42 pm

    It is clear that Satit have no idea what “Free Press” means.
    It must puzzle him, why the request of the all-mighty-authority are not being kow-tow as faithful as in Thailand.

    If he is sincere, he should pursue for tape of ALL interviews that paint Pattaya’s girl in … ahem… bad light. It hurt the feeling of Thai people.

    He’s either a fool or a fraud…(not mutually exclusive)

  8. 8 Insanity 23 November 2009 at 11:08 pm

    Re: If he is sincere, he should pursue for tape of ALL interviews that paint Pattaya’s girl in … ahem… bad light. It hurt the feeling of Thai people. (Totally agreed………..)

    MORE HURT Muwahahahahaha!
    lèse-majesté lèse-majesté everwhere lèse-majesté!
    Agency French Press (AFP) is negative on Thailand, like reporting that Bangkok is the world’s capital for whores.

    Major Media:
    You name it – All human rights organizations & freedom of expression organization, the Economist, TimesOnline, Washington Post, New York Times, The Telegraph, Gulf Newspapers & so many more are totally against Abhisit’s Thailand.

    Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam are forming a sub-ASEAN trading block. And they just would love to cut relations with Thailand.

    Cambodia & now Laos has rejected Thailand’s help with the SEAGames.

    Vietnam is praying to Buddha that the Thai Cambodian border is closed so that can take over the Thais business.

    Businessmen and Diplomats:
    All perplexed by Abhisit’s ”Ugly” diplomacy total Nationalism and extreme Royalism which is destroying international trade and international relationship.

  9. 9 puri 29 November 2009 at 11:26 pm

    Nice to find your blog. I am Thai and enjoy your (alternative?) viewpoint. But isn’t something seriously wrong everywhere? I know that your focus is on Thailand and your target audience may be entertained by your angry writing, but, really, do you care about what’s going on here?

  10. 10 ThaiCrisis 29 November 2009 at 11:41 pm

    Welcome Puri. Yes, if you’re looking for alternatives views, that’s the place (among many others, hopefuly). 😉

    But you’re asking a strange question. Of course I care ! Why I would bother to write about something in which I’ve got absolutly no curiosity and no interest ?

    I care about Thailand. I want the best for this country and its people (because they deserve it, unlike the “old” Europeans).

    For that matter, I’m an optimist without any shame…

    But, I’ve got some common sense too. This is why I have to deal with the reality as It is.

    And the reality is not pretty.

    That’s my “noir” side.

  11. 11 puri 29 November 2009 at 11:57 pm

    Sorry for such a strange question. I used to live in Japan and have met many visitors to the land of rising sun who were too ready to point out anything peculiar to their standards. You must have seen a lot of blogs dedicated to weird things from Japan and even solely devoted to angry rants toward every little thing. I have not seen many blogs by foreigners on Thailand’s issues though. The country’s GDP may be too low to gain international interest, I guess.

    I asked that question because I really could not understand your intention from your writing (probably because I have just read a few of your posts.) You could have written your blog in a pure reporter voice or given an constructive criticism, but both features aren’t clearly presented as far as I have read. This style of writing may attract more visitors, but I think you can do better.

    That’s just my comment for now and maybe it doesn’t count because I am one of those Bangkok people that other comments mentioned 😉

  12. 12 ThaiCrisis 30 November 2009 at 4:25 am

    No discrimination here : red, yellow, pink shirts, personally I don’t care.

    Only one camp : common sense. Only one prerequisite : to be open minded. And only one tool : Socratic questioning.
    Eventhough sometimes, I agree, I go on the easiest path : rant.

  13. 13 Josep 13 April 2010 at 4:55 am

    I totally agree with the writer. It is so healthy to read something right, out of the paranoia of Thai government and that sick lesse majeste! Thailand needs a change and a blow of fresh and transparent winds of real freedom and democracy

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