Lese-Majeste : a Privy councelor attacks the government

Shall we see a link ?

The King is in the hospital since september 19… That’s almost 5 months. Meanwhile, a member of the Privy Council attacks the government, with harsh words.

Privy councillor ACM Kamthon Sindhavananda on Friday said the government appeared to be “on the defensive” in preventing the royal institution from insults.

He said efforts have been made recently to insult the royal institution through media and information technology.

Concerned parties appeared slow in responding to the problem, said the privy councillor.

“Certain groups of people announce they will bring down the government and this is also an implied threat to the [royal] institution.

“But no one has come forward to clarify things.

“It seems the government is always on the defensive. I am not happy about this,” said ACM Kamthon. (Bangkok Post)

It’s astonishing.

First, there is this very strange inference : bring down the government = threat to the royal institution.

Oh really ? And was it the case in september 2006 ? This coup was probably “different” … is that what we should understand ? 😉

And what about the dozen of coups, before ? Threats to the Monarchy too ?

I mean those people will never learn…

Second, if the Privy Council supports Abhisit, then why criticizing his government like that, in public ?

Kamthon is not “happy”.

What does it mean ? Does he speak for the whole Privy Council ?

Paranoia ? Plan ?

I mean on one hand they keep repeating us that the royal institution is above politics… And on the other hand, they can’t stop… doing politics.

Double standard, double language.

Third, it’s interesting to notice the reference to “new technology” (Internet). They are obsessed with it. I mean what’s the problem ? Is an insult to the monarchy on Internet any different than an insult on a printed newspaper ? On TV ? On radio ?

For politicians, there is something wrong about Internet, like a bad karma, something sinister.

Anyway. Abhisit, as a good and well mannered dog, answered swiftly to the “discontent” of the Privy councelor.

Mr Abhisit said he was willing to take heed of the privy councillor’s comments and will take steps to improve the way the steps are implemented.

So watch out, the Lese-Majeste Grinding Machine is likely to start again.

I didn’t see it… but there is another “attack”… This time from General Prem (Privy Council)… and against the army (and other leaders) ! Two times in a few days, It can’t be a coincidence…

He said creating and finding good leaders, particularly military leaders, is urgently required for the country.

Gen Prem said military leaders come into close contact with many people and must have what it takes to be a good role model. He stressed the need for military training institutes to design courses to develop leadership skills among soldiers. (Bangkok Post)

What’s going on ?

4 Responses to “Lese-Majeste : a Privy councelor attacks the government”

  1. 1 davidb98 8 February 2010 at 8:06 pm

    maybe the privy council is split along some lines like the military?

    a friend of mine has been in hospital for some time because if he was home some of his family would not be very friendly

    it is all a bit mysterious

  2. 2 Anonymous2 8 February 2010 at 9:09 pm

    I also have a friend in hospital after a stroke. He seems well enough to the eye but the doctors say they want him to stay in because he is elderly.

    His wife tells me the doctors haven’t told him they expect another major (perhaps fatal) stroke, and that it could occur at any time. They want him to be close at hand if that happens because a journey from his home to the hospital might take too long to be able to save him/

    Mysterious indeed.

  3. 3 arthurson 10 February 2010 at 10:17 am

    IMO, they are setting the stage for another military coup, should things get out of hand following the Supreme Court’s foregone decision on Feb. 26 to strip Thaksin of his entire $2.2 billion dollar fortune. Why overthrow a government you ostensibly support? To rewrite the laws again and postpone attempts for a new round of elections (which the Puea Thai Party would surely win according to the military’s own secret opinion polls), or forestall any reform of the coup imposed 2007 Constitution.

  4. 4 African Nomad 10 February 2010 at 11:19 pm

    These are indeed perilous times for Thailand’s elite.

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