Thailand : the Permanent Coup d’Etat

I’m thinking about the expression “Le coup d’état permanent“, which was carved during the sixties by the socialist candidate François Mitterrand when he was competing against General De Gaulle in France for the presidential elections (eventually, he was elected President, but… 20 years later).

After the military coup (september 2006), and after the bozo coup (december 2008)… Thailand is experiencing today the Permanent Coup d’Etat.

Consider those 2 headlines :

The government started deploying several thousands of security forces in 38 provinces across the country – as many as 54 companies of them in Bangkok alone – ahead of the verdict in the assetsseizure case against fugitive ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra on February 26, the government spokesman said Monday.

Panitan Watanayagorn said that almost 200 checkpoints would be set up in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, particularly at “the points of entry and exit” and important state agencies, as well as the transport networks. (Nation)

Is Thailand threatened by foreign armies ? Is Thailand attacked ? The government keeps repeating us that “violence” could occur before 26 february. How come a so called “democratic” government, leaded by the non elected Abhisit, leader of the so called Democrat Party, can deploy, in a preemptive move, security forces on such a large scale ?

And nobody is reacting, it’s astonishing.

Well… not really. Let’s remember that this bozo government launched the army on the street of Bangkok last year, shooting at people (yes… I know you already forgot… but look at the pictures).

Now the second headline.

A joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the Senate on Thursday voted to postpone indefinitely deliberation of the two charter amendment bills in the first and second readings. (Bangkok Post)

The government has entertained the masses with 2 ideas : charter amendment… and elections.

But both are totally fictitious

Abhisit and the people who control him… would never accept fresh elections nor a new charter… But they said they would “study” the issues… Since 1 year… The strategy is clear as a fresh water : gain time and entertain the suckers.

Add 1 to 2… I believe we can apply the “Permanent Coup d’Etat” label to Thailand.

The group that holds power intends to keep it… forever.

You want elections ? Fuck you.

You want to amend the current Constitution (because it’s a monster that was designed in 2007 by the Junta, AKA a bunch of lunatics with military uniform) ? Well… fuck you !

And if you dare to disagree… then… fuck you again. They will send the army against you.

I mean is it really different than… Burma for instance ? Well, sure I agree : less noise and less bodies… but eventually the intention is EXACTLY the same, eventhough the modus operandi is different.

In any case, the word “democracy” is just a toy, a ploy, a nice word, a sweet Red Herring, the red pill for the suckers.

I guess we’ll have to live with that.

7 Responses to “Thailand : the Permanent Coup d’Etat”

  1. 1 RockderkmeBaby 12 February 2010 at 9:22 am

    The last 3 or 4 so-called governments of Thailand have shown their support and admiration for the Burmese military junta again and again; this in the face of international condemnation of one of the world’s most brutal and dictatorial regimes. Clearly the Thai generals aspire to this boot-on-the-head level of control and the sad thing is, nobody will stop them whatever they do while they wear the smiling Abhisit mask and the ASEAN brotherhood cloak. I’d like to see a Forbes rich list of the Generals of Asia. I think it might turn some heads (and some stomachs).

  2. 2 bodhisattva 12 February 2010 at 3:40 pm


    The difference between the Junta in Burma and the Junta in Thailand is only on the surface to “scam” the international community.

    Typical Thai behavior of Abhisit, wanting to be seen as a open minded, free speech loving democrat, but in reality being a puppy of the ruling elite Junta fighting democracy in all possible ways.

    They are not fooling anybody but nobody is responding, no country is taking an absolute stand against the development in Thailand and it´s still presented as a place to do business.

    It´s a joke.

    There is no free press in Thailand, there are no human rights in Thailand and most of all: there is no democracy in Thailand. Amnesty has finally (yes, finally) taken a (weak) stand against Leese majesty, but not with full force.

    The world, the international community, does not care that Thailand is ruled by a Junta and crushing all protest against this development.


  3. 4 Pricilla 12 February 2010 at 6:08 pm

    A free society and small government (and preferably no central bank) creates prosperity for all. Armies are even more useless at running countries than large socialist regimes except for their own enrichment of course.

    At any rate, that is the way it is here, don’t expect an economic miracle here. There again where to expect it: Europe, USA, Australia, no, all run by incompetents serving special interest groups.

  4. 6 African Nomad 13 February 2010 at 8:47 pm

    “I mean is it really different than… Burma for instance ? Well, sure I agree : less noise and less bodies… but eventually the intention is EXACTLY the same, eventhough the modus operandi is different.”

    It has not taken Thailand long to regress to the point where the whitewash (yellow-wash) is in plain sight, for everyone to see. Royalism has begun to take on increasingly ugly overtones.

    The word Fascism was previously bandied around in reference to PAD. It seems now that these were nothing other then Royalist stooges, as is the stooge government of Apeshirt & his not-so-merry team.

    Where will it all end?

  5. 7 antipadshist 15 February 2010 at 12:25 am

    check it out:

    allegedly today – C4 at Supreme Court and bombs near Gov. house)

    “false flags” are hastily being cooked up ? 😉

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