Bozo explosive detectors : Army Chief tackles Abhisit

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva did not order a halt in the use of the GT200 which have been found ineffective in scientific tests, Army Chief Gen Anupong Paochinda said Friday.

Anupong said Abhisit wanted soldiers to be aware that the devices might not detect bombs.

The army chief was speaking during making a visit to deep southern provinces on Friday to brief the army men about the bomb detectors.

Anupong said he was visiting the region to brief the soldiers there about the results of the efficiency test undertaken on the devices.

Anupong told a press conference on Thursday that the armed forces were ok with the devices, as they had helped detect explosives and ammunition in the past.

Abhisit has told reporters that the government will not order more devices after they failed scientific testing. (Nation)

Anupong plays perfectly his role (denying the obvious, playing with words, supporting the GT 200 “bozo” detectors… we can’ expect something different from him).

But it’s interesting to see how he tackles the Prime Minister… the Army Chief places Abhisit within his own contradiction.

What the people are going to think ?

-on one hand, Abhisit says officially that the detectors are useless. Everybody is laughing at Thailand.
-but on the other hand, Abhisit doesn’t seem to mind if the army continues to use those devices, and he didn’t give an order to stop the use of those “devices”.

= huge contradiction and huge weakness.

Actually, Abhisit is powerless toward the Army, because the Army owns him. Literally.

But Abhisit is of course intelligent (much more than the average thai politician). So he doesn’t want to lose face by being a total bozo who supports the idea that the planet Earth is flat (= believing in the GT2OO).

So he has to make a compromise : to say in public that the GT200 are useless and that the government won’t buy new inventory, but to let the military use them if they want to.

Anupong knows this… and It seems that he takes some pleasure to remind Abhisit the rules of the game. 😉

3 Responses to “Bozo explosive detectors : Army Chief tackles Abhisit”

  1. 1 davidb98 20 February 2010 at 6:50 am

    the test did not show that the device “might detect bombs” in some cases

    it showed there was no evidence that the device ever detected bombs

    the result was as good as if the operator tried to guess where the bombs were without having any device at all

    so the result means that:

    1 the device is worthless and

    2 the army would achieve the same results by asking its soldiers for their best guess on whether there is a bomb or not

    an advantage for the sellers of the fake equipment is that:

    1 when there is a success then people are alive to claim the success

    2 when the operator fails to guess there is a bomb the explosion destroys the evidence and there are less people to complain about the failure

  2. 2 RockderkmeBaby 20 February 2010 at 9:58 am

    I can see one scenario where Gen. A could come out as heroic statesman instead of moronic buffoon. Sell the ‘Mystic bomb finders’ to Burma. ‘Ol Than Shwe is into numerology and shiny beads big time. If they were marked down to, say a bag full of rubies for 3 Magic Finders, he might just clinch the deal. Everyone saves face. And after the blood rubies are laundered, there’s the down payment on 2 used submarines right there. Call it a Ne Win Win situation.

  3. 3 red 27 February 2010 at 12:33 pm

    BOZO Abishit…..ops…I mean Abhisit and Anupong never care for their people and soilder’s safety….to save their face is more important.

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