Bozo explosive detectors : the daily torture of Abhisit

As I wrote here, in the GT200 scandal, Abhisit fights against himself, inside a basket full of contradiction.

-Abhisit knows that the whole story is a national shame, a scam, supported by the military

-but Abhisit can’t give an order to the Army, because the real power lies in the Army’s hands. Abhisit is the mere governor of a Potemkin State.

-and the Chief of Army took obviously great pleasure to remind (the hard way) the rules to Abhisit.

That leads the Prime Minister to use some stupid rethoric, as an escape route.

For that matter the GT200 scandal is a curse, a daily torture. He had to endure exactly the same situation during the Refugees scandal last year (read here).

Look at the latest example :

“An immediate ban could lead to chaos,” Abhisit said. “Those working in the field will ask what alternative do they have. And what can we say if we order a ban and bombs explode immediately?”

Here we have an intelligent man, educated at Oxford, who came to (the obvious) conclusion that GT200 was nothing more than a fraud, who had the courage (let’s not fear this word) to say publicly that the GT200 was inefficient… This very same man is now forced to attract ridicule by making, in public, such inane statements.

It’s a condensate of cheap rethoric and idiotic syllogism (you remember : “All men are mortal. Socrates is a man…”)

Let me translate for you :

-the army needs detectors. if we ban the GT200 and a bomb explodes, then it will lead to chaos… therefore we can not ban the GT200.

The poor guy is so stuck, that he has to sell himself like a whore, in order to justify what can’t be justified.

Because eventually, it’s all what this story is about : the GT200 is a fraud therefore the GT200 should not be used.

The Army should stop using it. Period.

Any other explanations, any other ideas, any other justifications are nothing more than intellectual frauds.

But wait, it’s not finished.

The “users who have come to trust” the device still had to be convinced, he said. “Time is needed to get those working [in the deep South] to understand the situation. But one thing must be clear. The device must not be used against human beings, as mistakes can lead to problems, not to mention lawsuits,” he added.

“At tomorrow’s Cabinet meeting, I will instruct the [Science] ministry to come up with a plan to decommission the GT200s,” he said.

The plan should include measures to assist the military in finding new devices, he said. (Nation)

Like a pathetic athlete… Abhisit managed to come up with the lastest part of his twisted inferring, his false reasoning.

-since we can not ban the GT200 because it would create chaos
-and since the military on the ground do need explosive detectors
-we have to wait… for the Army to find a replacement… !
-therefore : before the Army finds a replacement… the Army will continue to use the GT200


Thai politicians love to use such figures de style in order to subdue the plebeians (it works very well with people with low education)…

But here, I don’t really think Abhisit enjoys it. He has to try to bend common sense, basic inferring and logic, in order to save face and  to (try to) close the case.

You know what ? I start feeling pity for the guy. He has a really hard job. 😉

10 Responses to “Bozo explosive detectors : the daily torture of Abhisit”

  1. 2 ThaiCrisis 22 February 2010 at 5:26 pm

    So…. we already know what Abhisit and the Army are going to say : “you see, we told you so !…”

    It would be hilarious if it wasn’t tragic for the poor people who were wounded.

    On the other hand… it’s another hit at the Army’s credibility.

  2. 3 Pricilla 22 February 2010 at 6:03 pm

    In some ways I pity Abbisit. He is in the situation where no matter how far the army pushes the bounds of stupidity and corruption he has to try to spin it in a positive light. Like a child without discipline they know no bounds, fortunately for him playing to the domestic audience isn’t terribly difficult, they have been “educated” to know their place is to just nod and accept without question. However I suspect it pains him in front of an international audience who all know he is lying through his teeth.

  3. 4 Insanity 22 February 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Questions About Sniffex, ADE651, GT200, H3 Tec, HEDD1, and Other Explosive Detectors

    A 3 month old article, but still relevant, exposing these devices (which are still being sold) as a complete scam.

    Why didn’t the military seek recompense for the faulty devices. Surely there was a Buyer’s Remedies: Warranty and Rejection clause in the contract which would allow for claim to be made against the supplier for the material that fails in use while still under warranty time limit?

    The Thai government/military should stop playing the blame game, unite, and start pursuing full reimbursement for Orders placed for the GT200 together with recompense for deaths & injuries to its citizens.

  4. 5 ThaiCrisis 22 February 2010 at 8:19 pm

    Bob… you don’t payback… a kickbacK.
    And we should add : in Thailand you don’t lose face…

    The Army is infallible. The Army want to appear as one block. Anything, even common sense, that could question the Army’s decisions is seen as threat.

    This means that the thai military will continue their silly game. They won’t change. Because, they can’t. The system won’t allow it.

    Most of the people don’t understand this. When they see Anupong on TV speaking about and defending the GT200, they think : “this guy is totally dumb”.

    That’s not the reality. The reality is that in the GT200 scandal case, Anupong can’t act differently.

  5. 6 Insanity 22 February 2010 at 11:29 pm


    If the military high officials and their mouth Abbisit the Unelected is unable (more likely unwilling) to explain why they didn’t pursue recompense from the suppliers of the GT200 under contract “Buyer’s Remedies: Warranty and Rejection clause” (assuming such clause existed) then this infers corruption. Accordingly, under Thai modern code of conduct for public officials the military high officials, and maybe their wives and family members associated with the GT200 purchase should be arrested and charged with corruption (chor rat bang luang – ‘cheating the citizens and hiding from the king’), and the use of official position for private gain on the part of the official himself or other people. A charge of murder should also not be ruled out as a number of people died as a result of using the GT200. Of cause it won’t happen.

    In addition, Abbisit the Unelected, for assisting in covering up the scandal should be impeached. He won’t.

    One can only pray that the individuals involved in this scam are reborn as a dung beetle.

  6. 7 Insanity 22 February 2010 at 11:50 pm


    The most important modern development in the nature of the bureaucracy has been the rise in the position of the military. Following the abolition of the absolute monarchy in 1932, there was no decisive move to erect and legitimize an alternative system for allocating political power. This has resulted in a long history of conflict, experiment and constant rewriting of the constitution. Within this context, the military emerged as one of the major focal points of political power. Military leaders have occupied the PM’s post for the majority of years since 1932. In addition, the military has disrupted the development of parliamentary politics by a succession of coups, and has successfully retarded the development and acceptance of an alternative power system based on election and parliamentary responsibility.

    From their position in the bureaucracy, the military have successfully exploited the ambivalence over the division between public and private funds for both institutional and private gain. Few people are surprised that senior military officers drive around in luxury cars, which, if bought from their official salaries, would take several generations to acquire. Since at least the 1950s, major military figures have appeared prominently on the boards of private companies and there is widespread acceptance of the fact that companies need to build such political links and provide rewards appropriately.

    From the 1960s onwards, the military budget expanded very rapidly as a result of the Indochina crisis and the rise of the communist insurgency within the country. Initially the United States supplied a large part of the budget required for purchasing modern armaments, but after the American withdrawal in 1975 the total cost fell on the local budget. It is widely believed that arms purchase deals generate large commission payments which constitute a significant portion of the ‘black’ funds controlled by senior military officers for personal as well as political purposes.

  7. 8 Insanity 22 February 2010 at 11:55 pm

    If the government and citizens fail to pay serious attention to this problem, it could cause rapid deterioration of the whole social, economic and political system of the country. Almost all countries in the world try to find effective measures to deal with the issue of corruption more effectively and comprehensively, including legislative and social measures. There are as yet no clear signs that corruption is likely to be eradicated from Thailand. On the contrary, there are signs that corruption is becoming increasingly sophisticated in practice with extensive networks throughout all regions of the country. It has resulted in great damage to the country and poses severe threats to the economic and political stability of the world community. Consequently, addressing the issue and solving the problem of corruption have become more and more difficult.

  8. 9 Bedwyr 23 February 2010 at 8:57 am

    TC – sorrym, the forst attempt was full of errors, this is what it should have said


    Indeed, some very good comments/quotes.

    Who’d have thought, even 3 years ago, that Thais would undertake such a radical change in mindset. It’s remarkable really.

    And it’s spreading, I suspect that stopping it now willl be a big ask, and the powers=that-be must surely be becoming increasingly bewildered at what is happening. I am sure they do not understand what has gone wrong.

    Prem under attack, Surayud having to get out of an illegally built and occupied house, Anupong embarrassed, Abhisit unmasked, the house on the hill being questioned etc etc etc

    During a recent trip to Isaan, I was surprised at the apparent determination to achieve change and resolve the inequities. Gone is much of the traditional Thai acquiescence to the power of the pooyay, and increasingly, Thais are stating to ask “why have they got all the gold and we’ve got all the shit?”.

    I wonder whether the elites will see which way the wind is blowing or whether (as Khi Kwai recently opined), there will need to be a few Ceaucescu’s first. I suspect the neanderthal elites will try to brazen it out, but a few shooting parties will probably bring them to their senses and persuade them as to the error of their ways. I regret this is probably what will be necessary.

    Nothing like a good hard kick in the ass to stimulate the blood flow to the brain. I suspect the end of this week will see the big boots being tried out.

  9. 10 fall 23 February 2010 at 9:18 pm

    The Iraqi have ordered and received bomb dogs already…
    But no, Thais want it the easy way. Not scientific proven or actual search work, just light the incense and pray…

    All the civilian and soldier lives that was lost… why no human right come to cry like the war-on-drug?

    Abhisit was just being himself, say all the right thing and do the complete opposite. But to be fair, no politician have ever been able to order the military either. And for all the news and proves, not a word on who should be responsible for procuring such devices…

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