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Interior Ministry amazing statistics : 46,377 protesters, 13,385 pick-ups, 3,385 cars

The Thai Crisis Bozo Clown is compulsory here.

A total of 46,377 people took part in the mass rally organised by the anti-government United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) in Bangkok, the Ministry of Interior reported on Sunday evening.

The figure was accumulated from the protest venues in Sanam Luang, Phan Fa bridge and King Rama V Equestrian Monument at 1pm.

Out of the total, 23,569 red-shirts were from the Northeast, 11,127 from the North, 4,190 from the central region, 3,667 from the East, 2,990 from the West and 834 from the South.

The demonstrators entered the capital via 13,385 pick-ups, 3,385 cars, 36 trucks, 60 buses, 17 e-tan farm trucks, 137 motorcycles, 115 vans and three train journeys. (Bangkok Post)

I’m wondering : what is the quantity of liquid shit needed inside a brain to dare to state and write such mountain of ridiculous crap ?

Who did it ? Who ordered it ? Who at Bangkok Post decided then to report this crap ?

I mean… at this stage, we need names. 😉

Last question : how many clowns are working at the Interior Ministry ? 658 or 6,452 ? How many of them have red panties ? 789 ? And green with blue dots ? 34 ?

And how many neurons, in total, do they have collectively ?

2 ? 3 ? Or 1 and half ?

Amazing Thailand.

Bozo C4 bomb : policemen know that they… will know later

It’s a festival ! Fake bozo explosive detector, bozo C4 “fruit juice carton bomb” planted in the garden of the Supreme Court…

Here is a morceau de choix, linked to the 9/11 Event AKA “The fruit juice carton bomb”.

Bangkok police on Monday said they will know more about the source of the bomb at the Supreme Court in a few days as security was tighter ahead of the court’s ruling on convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s frozen assets. (TNA)

They know now that they will know later. Are you following ?

Please, focus, it’s going to be fast. Ready ?

Pol. Maj-Gen. Wichai Sangprapai, commander of Metropolitan Police Division 1, said about the grenade attack at Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon and the 3-lb bomb at the Supreme Court that it cannot be concluded that the two incidents are related, but the bomb at the Supreme Court was found 10 hours after the grenade incident at the university.

The police has found something there. Definitely. Let me rephrase it :  “we can’t conclude that the 2 incidents are related… But we do know that the second incident happened…. after the first”.

If you wonder “Maj-Gen” means  “Major-General”.

I know, you’re laughing.

And the grand finale :

He said the culprits and their motives are expected to be known in the next few days.

That’s the classic motto of every past, present and future policer officer in Thailand, about anything. 😉

The army humiliated : bozo explosive detectors “proven not effective”

At last !

The GT200 bomb detector has been found ineffective in field tests and no more of the devices will be purchased, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Tuesday.

Mr Abhisit said this in a press conference in the presence of army chief Gen Anupong Paojinda.

He said field trials by a committee of the Science and Technology Ministry found that the GT200 correctly detected explosives only four times in 20 tests.

“GT200 itself cannot be used alone without help from other devices,” said the prime minister. (Bangkok Post)

At last, common sense has prevailed.

Since the BBC has exposed the scandal, and since the british government has banned export of this “empty box” linked to antenna, the case was closed.

But of course, it was too much to handle for many thai officials, among the army but not only.

The loss of face was just terrible. First the buying price was inflated (corruption of course, like a red spot on the nose)… and then those “devices” were absolutely grotesque and ineffective, based on “voodoo science black magic”.

You know…. “magnetism”, “terrestrial force”, “spirit”… THE WAVES (micro, short, long who cares).

I repeat : the waves 😉

So we can congratulate the Prime Minister (for once, it’s a rare event on this blog).

Now of course, it’s too much to ask for the culprits and all the believers to be punished. No that won’t happen of course. Anyway it’s still a great victory of intelligence over dirty, muddy, sticky stupidity.

Let’s now have a look at the hall of fame of clowns :

Ombudsman, Mr Pramote Chotimongkol, announced to the public over the progress of the GT 200 investigation, that so far no suspicious acts had been found and that the device works perfectly fine, despite criticism.

Mr Pramote also stated that the GT 200 was built upon actual scientific theory and practice and had gone through actual field testing before being distributed to the police and armed forces. The devices were bought with the intention to protect the country and the general public especially in the deep south. (PRD)

Pramote is a sure winner. Among many others.

And of course the so called “doctor” Porntip, the funny woman with funny hairstyle (thai media love her, she’s so… special you know… with such haircut… people are fainting 😉 )

But eventually, she’s just another clown, and proud to be one (an aggravating factor).

“This type of device works by detecting the magnetic signal [of a substance] but it does not give a 100% result,” said Khunying Porntip.

“The device has been widely used in the deep South to help narrow down areas where bombs might be planted.”

She was speaking at a seminar yesterday on the reliability of GT 200.

Khunying Porntip, however, insisted the GT 200 has high sensitivity for detecting substances from far away, and the CIFS had never come across any instances of incorrect readings. (Bangkok Post, november 2009)

And this one :

Meanwhile, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand, director of the Forensic Science Institute and who always uses the GT200, said the UK had only banned the ADE651.

She said the detector was effective when searching for bombs and even nails under water. (Nation, january 2010)

Hum… Nails under water, that’s really impressive. And the bouquet final, like a teenager caught smoking pot in the highschool toilets.

“The devices (GT200) are there and no one has the right to ban their use. I will continue to use it,” she announced apparently unperturbed by the tests which are to be undertaken on the detector. (ISRA news, february 2010)

Let’s remember she’s the director of the Forensic Science Institute. What should we say to Pornthip ?

Resignation of course, if she still has a few neurons connected. And a ounce of self esteem (but just an ounce).

But It won’t happen of course. We badly need her, for her…. hairstyle. It looks so nice on thai TV.

Air balloon : the army forgot that there were trees in the South

After the swedish jetfighters, the submarine, the fake bomb detectors… the thai Army is not afraid of ridicule.

It’s even a marque de fabrique.

And the latest proof is : the air balloon scandal.

The Royal Thai Army yesterday came out in defence of the controversial Bt350-million airship acquired to boost security measures in the deep South – and even if the “Sky Dragon” has not been grounded as reported, it will fly into an uncertain future.

However, criticism has been widespread over its suitability for the nature of anti-insurgency work in the region. Moreover, its needs are substantial – a back-up system requiring a helicopter, a land vehicle, a ground command station and 55 officers. […]

Worrawit Basu, a senator serving on the Senate committee on the military, said he had heard the airship was not fully operational because it still lacked certain key devices. […]

A source with the airship’s operational support pondered its combat efficiency, saying the local landscapes comprised thick bushes and trees, unlike deserts in Iraq or Afghanistan where the US military used airships effectively in fighting off insurgents. […]

“The local insurgents in the South employ ambushes and hit-and-run attacks against targets, and they do not converge in large groups long enough to be seen by a wandering airship,” he said. (Nation)

Several things :
-this equipment is absolutely not suited for the South…  It’s so obvious. But the clowns in uniforms forgot that… there was a freaking jungle over there. Many trees. So many places to hide… !
-the thai Army seems unable to operate the balloon
-the operating costs seem high, too high  (55 officiers ? ! What are they talking about ? !).

The whole story is just grotesque.

Incompetence, greed, corruption and/or just plain, sheer, adamantine stupidity…

We knew that the US Army was happy to buy toilets at 30 000 USD a piece… I mean, anywhere, everywhere, the army is not the solution. It’s obviously part of the problem…

And this is especially true in Thailand.

Bomb detectors scam : “Our society relies on superstition”

I guess you’ve heard about the “GT200 explosive detectors” scandal. It’s simply huge.

First, we have to say “chapeau bas” to Bangkok Pundit who probably spent hours following up on this issue, cross checking, compiling infos, writing… Amazing work. Really. I mean his work was so good that it was pointless for other bloggers to speak about the issue.

Anyway. The scandal is huge. And on a worldwide scale.

As for Thailand, after playing “Silly Tiny Winy Bozo Clown Don’t Make Cry Our Military Friends”, Abhisit understood that the issue was actually… really burning. And a plan B was hastily drafted AKA : let’s test the damned thing

They promise “honest” results for next week.

We’ll see… it’s going to be funny (priceless) to see the reaction of the military clowns after… 😉

How do you say “I lost face big time, too much, I want to die, let’s commit suicide by jumping naked into the Chao Praya River” in Thai ?

I totally forgot.

But before this glorious moment, here are few comments published by the Nation.

Further doubt was cast on the efficacy of the controversial GT200 explosive detector yesterday when panelists at a symposium at Chulongkorn University’s Faculty of Science concluded it was almost certainly a “hoax” and urged people in society to be more scientifically minded.

“I think [it’s not intentional corruption] but ignorance. It’s a great hoax. Our society doesn’t question it as long as the users appear. Our society relies on superstition,” Jessada told The Nation.

A perfect summary from Jessada, although… corruption is probably an aggravating factor. From the beginning of the chain (the supplier, then the distributor) to the buyers, AKA all the lunatics in uniform worldwide who were probably overjoyed to buy some overpriced toys…

“Our society relies on superstition”, indeed.

It’s true for Thailand (read here about the famous amulets and jetfighters). But, unfortunately, it’s true for many other countries… The GT200, and its copies, were  sold to many security (ah ah ah) forces around the world.

Anyway. Let’s relax, sit back, have a drink, and wait for the “results” next week. 😉

And don’t forget to buy the popcorn. The show will go on.

I forgot the “Tik Mak” syndrome : “thinking too much, headache”. So, first we need a panel, and then 2 weeks for testing. 😉

Science Minister Kalaya Sophonpanich Wednesday set up a 13-member panel to test efficiency of the controversial GT200 bomb detectors.

She said the panel will hold its first meeting on Thursday and will conclude the probe in about two weeks.

She said the 13 members are specialists from several agencies, including police, the military technicians and university academics. (Nation)

Orwellian obsession of morality + testing = “Moral students project”

A project offering a university education to “good students” is expanding to many provinces. […]

The project to set aside a special quota for students with a record of volunteerism and strong morals started four years ago in Nakhon Pathom. […]

More than 1,000 students have been recruited under the project so far, based not on academic tests but criteria such as good conduct, strong leadership, volunteer activities, environmental conservation and campaigning against drugs.

So here we go… it’s not important anymore to recruit students with real aptitudes, real knowledge… no… what the New Thailand needs are students with “good morality”…

Do you want to cry ?

We (people with at least 2 neurons and a knowledge of history) do know very well the meaning and consequences of those words when they are combined together : “project”, “good morality”, “volunteerism”… What’s the goal ? To create the perfect Thai student ? The perfect… human being ? The New Thai ?

Unfortunately, these twisted and sick policies have a real playground in countries like Thailand… All the lunatics, the very same who go to whorehouses and who are corrupted, seem so obsessed with “morality”.

They want to cure… the people. Your cure is their redemption.

Classic scheme. Seen over and over throughout history.

But wait, it’s getting even scarier.

Utumporn Jamornmann, director of the National Institute of Education Testing Service (NIETS), who is an expert in creating several national academic and aptitude tests to screen students for universities, said the project was a good start.

The country now does not have national morality tests due to the time limit for announcing national test results for hundreds of thousands of students.

NIETS also wants to create national morality tests and already has forms for such tests. Academic tests are not enough. However, to test what is in people’s minds is very hard. We need to do research to guarantee the accuracy of the tests,” he said. (Nation)

Utumporn Jamornmann and his absurd NIETS are a disgrace.

Shame on the thai government to fund this public organization (officially created in 2005) and to allow those lunatics to pursue their quest for “good morality”.

And as usual : we would like to know what our dashing Prime Minister Abhisit (allegedly educated at Oxford, in the UK, loud supporter of democracy, human rights, “rule of law”) is thinking about all this crap ?

2 sides of the same coin : fireworks at the border and a defiant officer

A brief fight between Thai and Cambodian soldiers on the disputed site near Preah Vihar Temple was caused by misunderstanding and has been resolved, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said Monday.

There is no report of casuality from both sides after they exchanged gunfire early Sunday about 20 kilometers from the temple. (Nation)

Abhisit is the misunderstanding. The alleged Prime Minister is unable to calm down and to give orders to a bunch of trigger-easy lunatics in military fatigues, the so called “Thai Army” ! It’s unbelievable.

It’s not the first time than those nuts are playing with their guns, like retarded children, at the border with Cambodia (read here, and there). So no surprise. Enough of the misunderstanding. No “oops I did it again”.

Where is Britney Spears ?

And each time, the clowns in Bangkok say “it’s a misunderstanding. Sorry, It won’t happen again”.

Of course, it’s a political game too… Abhisit is a victim… but also an accomplice. This little (and artificial, and grotesque) tension can serve him (with the story of Thaksin in Cambodia), to show that he’s a real warrior (ah ah ah ah), a real man. 😉

Now, let’s look at the other side of the same coin :

Army specialist Khattiya Sawasdipol, or Seh Daeng, said on Monday he would not rush to report to police to acknowledge charges of wrongful possession of war weapons found at his house.

Maj-Gen Khattiya said he would surrender to police, but he would wait another seven days or so to let things cool down a bit and then he would surrender in the early hours of the morning, possibly between 2am and 4am. (Bangkok Post)

Voila ! Another lunatic who thinks that he is above the law, because… well he wears an uniform and because he loves guns.

I mean : what’s going on ? Who is this guy with those ridiculous James Bond scenarios (“I’ll arrive between 2h15 and 3h48 AM, I’ll wear black sunglasses. Why ? Because my name is Seh Daeng with a S and a D.”) ?

Wake me up, it’s a nightmare.

Those are 2 small events. Indeed. But they are symbolic. They show what is the biggest problem for the country, its biggest liability : the army.

The army is not the solution.

In Thailand, the army is obviously part of the problem.

Accused of corruption ? Give a toy to the plebeians, like a referendum for teenagers

Chairman of the sufficiency economy project, Mechai Viravaidya, will this Friday reveal guidelines on fund allocation to district chiefs nationwide. He said these guidelines should minimise corruption because provisions have been made for those involved in graft to face criminal charges.

The project had been initially suspended due to reports of corruption. Mechai attributed the negative news to poor public relations and lack of public understanding and participation. Of the projects submitted earlier, 74 per cent were for the procurement of equipment.

“Under the new guidelines, anybody above the age of 15 is entitled to voice their opinion. This is the first time that the country’s youth, numbering about 5 million, will offer opinions on how the Bt18.6-billion government budget should be allocated,” he said.

A nationwide referendum for most-needed projects will take place on January 31 and participants will be encouraged to point to all traces of corruption. (Nation)

Vertigo… ! Breathtaking ! Pills, we need pills !

Instead of addressing these accusations, the government is toying with cheap marketing tricks…

And you’ll appreciate the ridiculous rethoric : “we can’t do wrong, because we would face criminal charges, so you see we really can’t do wrong”. 😉

And why not asking the new born babies for their opinions ? Or the elephants perhaps ? Sure, that would be trendy. It would probably please Abhisit the Great Communicator.

They are totally burned out.

Anyway, the bottom line is :
-confronted with accusations of corruption… the government tries everything It can to create red herrings, in order to divert attention.
-since we are heading toward the The Mother Of All The Battles (with Thaksin, at least this is what they say)… The government needs badly to give away huge amounts of money, to buy people, minds and votes.

Change with Abhisit ? Yes We Can’t. More than ever.

Let’s organize a referendum for babies to find out. Or for animals. And plants too (no discrimination). That could be revealing.

So called Anti Booze Youth : thai adults should be ashamed

Some 400 children from 50 Bangkok communities Thursday asked for the removal of alcohol drinks’ billboards as a gift for National Children’s Day this Saturday.

The group, camping at the City Hall’s Khon Muang Plaza, urged City Governor MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra to strictly reinforce the anti-alcohol measures for a Bangkok safe from drunken persons, free from ads leading kids astray, and with fewer crime-prone locations.

Showing concern over the plentiful booze shops and alcoholic smoothie drinks available all over the city including near schools or temples the young people and accompanying adults held anti-alcohol activities at the plaza. (Nation)

Who  are those “kids” ? How old are they ? Who were the “accompanying adults” ? Their parents ?

This kind of public demonstration, of campaign organized with kids, make me puke.

Behind, I see the Hitler Jugend, the children on the Red Square marching in front of Staline, the little girls offering flowers to Kim Jong Il in North Korea etc.

Those thai “adults” should be ashamed to use children as leverage in order to support their hysterical campaign about “social order” and “morality”.

Oh and by the way… here is an excerpt of Abhisit’s speech… for National Children Day. Our dear Prime Minister shows, once again, his vigorous motto for modernism… You remember ? Change Yes We Can(‘t)…

I, hereby, give my motto for the 2010 Children’s Day as “Creativity, Determination for Knowledge with Veneration for Morality” […]

I ask all children and youth to be responsible for what they do, to always yearn for knowledge, to adhere to ethical and moral conducts, to stay positive, and to be creative for our nation. I hope my motto will be an observation and behavioral path for children and youth to achieve the good and positive life.

On this occasion, I would like to extend my best wishes for all Thai children and youth, for their happiness, good health, good mentality and intelligence, the force to conduct themselves in virtue and with conscience for the prosperity and harmony of the nation. (TNA)

“Creativity, Determination for Knowledge with Veneration for Morality” ??? !! Why all the thai politicians are so sick ? So obsessed with “morality” ?

Puke again.

Good start for 2010 : “the thai submarine will safeguard fisheries, exports, tourism and will enlarge our penis”

The navy is looking into the feasibility of buying submarines for military and economic security reasons, navy chief Kamthorn Pumhirun says.

A feasibility committee has been set up to study submarine technology.

The navy will push for the purchase of the submarines, priced at 20 billion baht each, when there is enough money available. (Bangkok Post)

The Submarine Saga is an old one. The government spent already money on this hilarious project.

The navy chief said neighbouring Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam all had ordered submarines from Russia.

The submarines, he insisted, could serve many purposes and were a necessity. […]

Adm Kamthorn said the submarines would help strengthen the economy. They would help safeguard the country’s natural resources, fisheries, oil exploration, export cargoes and tourism.

Sure. No doubt.

And a thai submarine would also solve the global warming problem, cure cancer and would of course increase penis size. 😉

Kamthorn is nothing more than a clown in uniform.

No problem. Everybody should be free to ridicule itself (and ridicule doesn’t kill unfortunately). But he’s an expensive clown. A parasite sucking out money for grotesque projects (and a few friends pockets)… at the expense of the thai people.

And like BP wrote, the King criticized this stupid idea… in 2008… So, do we have to understand that the navy chief does not care about the King’s opinion ?

Mission accomplished : the BOI has saved Thailand from foreign investors



The Board of Investment has agreed to cut down foreigners’ right to hold stakes in sensitive businesses from 100 per cent to 49 per cent in a bid to minimise the impact from the liberalisation of investment in Asean.

“The agricultural activities are listed in Annex 1 of the BOI Act, which the board agreed to revise in terms of size, investment conditions and privileges based on the country’s interest, since Thai operators are not competitive enough to go against other countries,” she said.

The act also does not allow foreigners to hold more than 49 per cent in the forestry and livestock, including aquatic animal, businesses.

Our limits will not impact on foreigners’ investment because such business activities are normally protected in most agriculture-based countries. We are the first government agency to revise our promotion criteria to protect local people, while other agencies are considering the revision too,” she said. (Nation)

I remind you that the Board of Investment‘s goal… is to promote foreign investments in Thailand. 😉

More seriously : we have here another set of winners. Well done guys.

And as usual, we shall give the mic to Abhisit. What does our dashing Prime Minister think about this decision ? Does he agree ? Does he disagree ? I mean he’s the alleged PM… so ? He should have -at least- an opinion.

Since Abhisit was made PM last december, the guy is a master of double speak, double standards. He’s totally schizophrenic.

He makes very nice speeches abroad to push foreign investments, with very nice and sweet words (rule of law, democracy, blabla, you know the full set).  He tries to sell Thailand’s image… And locally, like a fart, we can read such decision taken by the BOI. So ?

Another perfectly normal day in Thailand…

Thailand Crisis

Coup, Economic slowdown, Terror In the South... The situation is worsening in Thailand. Bumpy road like often before.

But this time, it's different.

The key to understand the present turmoil is the inevitable... succession of King Bhumibol.