Delusional Abhisit : “Stimulus measures to yield results in 2 or 3 months”

We shouldn’t care much if Abhisit is happy to be delusional. Afterall, it’s his life.

The problem is : this man is the (alleged) Prime Minister. And each week, he’s speaking to the people, via a TV statement.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said Sunday that the stimulus package of his government would yield results in the next two or three months.

Speaking during his weekly TV programme, money under stimulus schemes be released to the people next week and distribution would be carried out throughout next month and May.

He said the stimulus money from the government, including Bt2,000 nation-rescue cheques, allowances for the elders and allowances for health volunteers would help stimulate the local economy. (Nation)

Many people don’t have a clear understanding of the situation.

So to tell them that the 2000 THB they’re about to receive are going to “yield results” is not only stupid. But also criminal.

The backslash is going to be painful.

The stimulus he’s talking about is like 160 billions THB, around 4,5 billions USD… But guess what thai businesses are  losing (exports) 4 to 5 billions USD per month, since november ! The total turn over of thai exports went from 15/16 billions USD… to 11 billions since november.

The amount of wealth destroyed is much higher than… the “stimulus plan” (this idea applies to the whole world actually).

Therefore, from a macro economy point of view, Abhisit’s stimulus is pathetic. And dangerous, because it creates high expectations.

Abhisit said mid-january :

I am not going to boast by committing how much the economy will grow, but I can assure you that the government is committing to to spur economy and to lift the quality of life of all the Thais.


Abhisit is a bad poker player. In the current situation, to make such a gamble is just a proof of stupidity.

It’s not even arrogance anymore. It’s foolishness.

2 Responses to “Delusional Abhisit : “Stimulus measures to yield results in 2 or 3 months””

  1. 1 luke 23 March 2009 at 4:35 pm

    You will have a field day with this one..

    The end will crack you up.

  2. 2 ThaiCrisis 23 March 2009 at 4:46 pm

    Done already. 😉

    But indeed, the “target” is hilarious given in the article is hilarious…

    Those guys are paid… It’s amazing.

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