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The proof that thai authorities are monitoring Internet traffic

Here is a screenshot taken in Bangkok, using an ADSL internet line.

Asia Sentinel is a web-based Asian regional publication focussed on news, business, arts and culture. The site was launched in August 2006. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it was founded by four (western) senior expatriate journalists (Wikipedia).

While the browser downloads data coming from the host… suddendly… you can see calls to… another address !

A very special one.

“Connecting to…”

The infamous Ministry Of Information And Communication Technology… a bunch of lunatics who secretly cut, censor websites… sometime without any legal framework.

What does it mean ? That they are MONITORING Internet traffic, to some extend.

Before they just wanted to prevent prople to visit specific websites… Now, obviously, they want to make “lists”… If you visit a “sensitive” website (according to their insane criterias),  MICT will notice.

The web traffic is passing through the computers of MCIT, this is why you see the calls to “Connecting to…” on your brower.

A little bit of history.

First, they set up “web redirections”… Their targets were mostly porn websites… You know Thailand the land of mia noi and bordellos on a daily basis, but all those serious politicians and bureaucrats can not stand to look tits on a computer screen.. Anyway.

So you wanted to visit for instance and you were redirected to, with a very nice “Big Brother” like logo with an eye. Scarry. 😉

But It was funny. Even bon enfant.

Then, after the Coup in 2006… they became more agressive. Cutting thousands of websites. Porn, gambling, and… politics. Meanwhile, they tried some “stealth” system… The Big Brother Eye Logo was way too visible, even for the lunatics in uniform.

So you wanted to visit or… then your browser displayed a nice “network error”… Shameful censorship… from people full of guilt. It was censorship disguised behind technical problems.
Meanwhile the Junta designed new law to fight against Internet. They became even more agressive.

And since a few months, actually since Abhisit was nominated Prime Minister… it’s a festival… The clowns decide to cut websites, without any legal process anymore. They just don’t care. It’s the Fuck You Policy.

And It can change on a daily basis, like they change underwear. Censored on monday, allowed on tuesday, play it again Sam. Why ? How ? It’s a total black box. And the rethoric is getting ugglier : “national security”, “lese majeste”, you name it.

According to their new obsession, the thai national security was probably endangered by for instance…

Or by Asia Sentinel. Next step : BBC, CNN, who knows ?

The truth is that the authorities are totally overwhelmed by the growing discontent and opposition. Thai people are not afraid anymore to express their opinions on Internet. And sometimes those opinions are really not politically correct… So the government panicks. And by doing so, it accumulate mistakes, over mistakes.

Because more stupid and dirty censorship excites the opposition, fuels the anger. It’s an old golden rule.

Anyway, we would like to know what our dashing Prime Minister Abhisit (you remember the democracy lover, the partisan of the rule of law blablabla) does think about this story ? Does he agree or not ?


More seriously : Thailand is on a dangerous path. And I’m not sure It can be changed… before disaster.

Audioclipgate : Abhisit unleashes his thought police against 2 suckers


Thought police ? Thinkpol in newspeak.

Police have arrested two employees of SC Assets Plc for having allegedly mailed the doctored audio clip of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

The two were arrested on Sunday by Crime Suppression Division police. […]

The two were arrested under the warrant issued by the Criminal Court on Sunday on charges of disseminating false information via computer network, causing damage to other people.

The sources said the interrogation found that the two were not the ones who doctored the audio clip to sound that the prime minister ordered the use of violence against red-shirt protesters.

According to the sources, the two simply mailed out the copies of the audio clip after one of them got a CD containing the clip.

Investigators are now finding out from whom one of the suspects had obtained the CD

This story about the “doctored audio clip” has no interest, whatsoever.

It’s just another thai drama, AKA a hurricane inside a glass of political water.

Abhisit has denied the story and has denounced the manipulation. Fair enough. Case closed. The case should have been closed

But we are in Thailand, a country where you get 18 years of jail for a speech made in public

A country where the police can come to arrest you because you have just sent… an e-mail !

Your crime ? Thought crime.

The 2 poor suckers… are just suckers indeed. But they were arrested by the bully boys of Abhisit, in the name of an insane law.

Burma ? North Korea maybe ? Iran perhaps ? China ?

No. Thailand, 2009.

Wake up Thailand…. things are getting dangerously out of control.

And as usual, we are waiting for the official reaction of our dashing Prime Minister about those serious matters. What does he think ? Does he agree ? Does he disagree ?

Allegedly educated in Oxford, Abhisit has ruined our ears with big and promising words since his “election” (ah ah ah) last december : “democracy”, “rule of law”, blablabla etc.

Afterall, why not ? The guy looked sincere…. And he was certainly an angel compared to Samak-The-Monster.

But how this man can look himself in the mirror now ?

Abhisit you’re a disgrace.

Computer Crime Act at work : one webmaster arrested… lese-majeste and politics again

Et voila ! The Junta designed the Computer Crime Act… and now our dear “democrat” Prime Minister, the dashing Abhisit (you know “Ofxord educated” blablabla), seems very happy to uses it.

When the lese-majeste hysteria meets an insane law designed by military… For that matter Abhisit does a synthesis.

A scary one.

The CC Act was not often used (two cases in 2007 it seems, followed by one in 2008).

(To know more about the CC Act, read my article of july 2007, and the translation here).

Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police yesterday raided the office of Prachatai’s political website and took its webmaster into custody accusing her of violating the Computer Act.

About 10 CSD officers led by Pol Col Satit Tachayapop, deputy CSD commander, went to the ( office yesterday. Armed with a search warrant dated March 5, 2008, they searched the office and detained Cheeranuch Premchaiphorn, the webmaster.

The CSD team accused her of violating Article 15 of the Computer Act as well as disseminating lese majeste content on the website from Oct 15 to Nov 3 last year.

The police interrogated her for hours
and copied all files from her personal computer. Chantana Banpasirichote, a political lecturer from Chulalongkorn University, yesterday used her position to guarantee Ms Cheeranuch’s bail.

Chuwat Lertkitisuk, the website editor, said the police raid could have been prompted by certain messages posted on the site’s web board.

A lot of messages have been posted, and the webmasters might not be quick enough to delete alleged lese majeste messages from the web board, he said.

CSD officers also seized PCs and relevant documents as evidence, he said.

“This is obviously media intimidation and the latest case of using lese majeste as a tool to curb freedom of expression,” said Mr Chuwat. (Bangkok Post)

It might be important to remember that this website was created by a former senator… who is the brother of Giles… the academic charged with… lese-majeste and who fled to UK.

Nothing happens by chance… We have here a deliberate campaign… A campaign of intimidation and repression. Abhisit might not have ordered it… but he supports it for sure.

Furthermore, he’s an hypocrite and a liar.

Abhisit said those in charge of the web board had a duty to make sure no lese-majeste comments were posted.

“I am willing to listen if they have any doubts,” the premier said.

Asked by the media why those prosecuted seemed to be media critical of the government, Abhisit said he would look into the matter. “They can always file a complaint,” he said. (Nation)

Alleged IT Minister speaks about lese-majeste, national security, Al Qaeda, holistic way, and 3G (the phone not the G string)

Thank you ! Thank you Bangkok Post for the hilarious (and scary…) interview of Ranongruk, the alleged IT Minister.

My readers are probably aware. They know this woman…

She’s one of the Frankenstein Ministers… She started her career as a nurse… Then she became… are you ready ?… Deputy Finance Minister in Samak’s government in march 2008.

She thought that the VAT was paid only by tourists… and she went on Google to learn about her new job. I’m not joking (proof here).

Abhisit made her IT Minister… I’m wondering who is the most ridiculous for that matter. Anyway. We knew that she would be a real winner.

She started quickly, end of december, with a striking agenda : lese-majeste everywhere, even in her tea.

And now this interview with Bangkok Post. It’s a master piece, nothing less.

I’m copying the whole article, for the legacy. So historians can have a good laugh in a few years.

Continue reading ‘Alleged IT Minister speaks about lese-majeste, national security, Al Qaeda, holistic way, and 3G (the phone not the G string)’

The Magical Kingdom and The Economist : “police do not have to officially ban the magazine”

Et voila ! Another day in the Magical Kingdom… where humans and animals live in harmony, on the banks of river of honey and gold. And where… the most important thing is : to avoid loosing face.

Thailand ? You can choose between Lalaland or Disneyland, with Inspecteur Clouseau or Forrest Gump.

The Thai distributor of the Economist said Tuesday it had banned this week’s edition of the magazine because it contained a story critical of His Majesty the King.

Asia Bookssaid the article, which discussed thealleged role in politics of the King,”risks insulting the monarchy.” […]

Police have talked to importers and distributors who agreed not to import the issue of Dec 6-10 because an article in the magazine criticised the monarchy,” said Pol Lt Gen Thiradet Rodphothong, commander of Special BranchPolice.

Therefore the police do not have to officially ban the magazine,” he said. (AFP)

What a piece of work of the famous thai rethoric !

Any rational mind would infere that : if the police asked the distributor to ban the magazine, then… we could say that the police has itself banned the magazine.

But in Thailand, logic doesn’t apply.

Anyway. Those 2 famous articles (already) are going to get even more audience after this news from AFP (press agency serving medias worldwide).

Congratulations to the police !

And those 2 articles are online (with copies probably on hundreds of servers)… and will stay on the Internet for ever.

We are waiting now the thai police to “not ban” The Economist’s website, so the thai ISP’s could “ban not” the website. I mean something like that… I’m confused now. 😉

Thai authorities block one Wikipedia page about the King

Here we go again… The thai authorities are putting their dirty fingers into web censorship, toying with freedom of expression (a totally foreign concept for them). Well actually, it never ended.

It started with Thaksin, then the Junta made it an art form… And of course, the “democratically elected” government last december continued the job... With great celerity.

All of them, the PPP, the military, the monarchists, the communists, the PAD, the nudists, the pet lovers, the soccer supporters, the golf players, the UFO believers, and of course the sweet Democrats, leaded by the sweet and Ofxord educated Abhisit. They love it. All of them. Not one to condemn such policy.

What a joke.

Check my Censorship category… there are some tasty stories…

So what the fuss is about this time ? Some insulting video made by teenagers ? Some porn ? A threat to national security ? Nope. A wikipedia page dedicated to the King.

This specific page is currently blocked in Thailand. Confirmed on True ADSL in Bangkok, Maxnet, Loxinfo (but working on TOT).

The golden medal of the hypocrisy goes to True. Those bastards just display the regular “Not found” page…

Loxinfo is more honest and displays a message (in thai and english) : “This URL has been blocked by a Court order or it could have an affect on or be against the security of the Kingdom, public order or good morals.

The stupid pathetic war continues… Some little civil servants must be sweating in their caves, pursuing the “public order and good morals“… Like their chinese counterparts. With one big difference : China doesn’t hide itself. Thailand does. Behind smoke and mirrors.

Hey ! I’ve got a news for you. The Economist has 2 articles on line that “could have an affect on or be against the security of the Kingdom, public order or good morals.”

Dare to censor the newspaper’s website ? 😉 Come on. Come to daddy. It’s easier to ban an anonymous webpage on wikipedia… than the website of an important and respected international media, right ?

Oh I forgot they need a “court order”. Unless, like usual, there is nothing more than a theater of shadows… And no court order at all…

Lese-majeste : Democrats propose a law to crack down on Internet

What can you do when you’re a member of a party that :
-has absolutly no ideas
-has mediocre leaders
-and is unable to win any elections ?

The Democrat Party has the answer : lese-majeste of course.

It’s not the first time that some MPs try to get their 15 minutes of fames by toying without any shame with the higher institution (read here).

But now, they go one step further : with a proposition of law.

A group of MPs from the opposition Democrat Party yesterday proposed a draft legislation that would penalise people making defamatory remarks or contemptuous tones against the monarchy on the Internet or via computers. […]

The law’s proponents explained that at present there is no law that deals with offenders of lese majeste through modern electronic means, such as on Internet websites and in computer systems.

Under the proposed law, anyone putting inaccurate content about the monarchy on the Internet or a computer system faces a jail term of between three to 20 years or a fine ranging from Bt200,000 to Bt800,000.

Those uploading defamatory or contemptuous content about the monarchy face an imprisonment of five to 20 years or a fine of between Bt300,000 to Bt800,000.

The law will also punish anyone falsely accusing others of such wrongdoings, with imprisonment of three to 20 years and a fine ranging from Bt200,000 to Bt800,000.

The law also seeks to punish people hiring others to do the job for them, the Internet service provider or computer system administrator who fails to cooperate, as well as repeat offenders. […] (Nation)

Someone should explain them that Thailand has all the necessary laws to deal with this problem :

-lese-majeste, part of the Penal Code
-and of course the new Computer Crime Act

Furthermore, someone should explain them that lese-majeste doesn’t cover one mean in particular : whether you make a speech in public on the street ( (Da Torpedo), a speech in a room (Jakrapob case), an article on a famous TV’s website (BBC Jonathan Head case), write a book, an article, a radio show, in a cinema, anything… everywhere… by any means.

Lese-majeste is lese-majeste.

We don’t need a special law for lese-majeste… on Internet. Or on “computers”.

Furthermore, those MPs don’t even read the newspapers : “The court issued three orders shutting down about 400 sites, 344 of which carried material that was contemptuous of the royal family.” (september 2008).

It’s the proof that the authorities can already handle lese-majeste on Internet.

Poor country. Poor people.

Thailand Crisis

Coup, Economic slowdown, Terror In the South... The situation is worsening in Thailand. Bumpy road like often before.

But this time, it's different.

The key to understand the present turmoil is the inevitable... succession of King Bhumibol.