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Lese-Majeste : a Privy councelor attacks the government

Shall we see a link ?

The King is in the hospital since september 19… That’s almost 5 months. Meanwhile, a member of the Privy Council attacks the government, with harsh words.

Privy councillor ACM Kamthon Sindhavananda on Friday said the government appeared to be “on the defensive” in preventing the royal institution from insults.

He said efforts have been made recently to insult the royal institution through media and information technology.

Concerned parties appeared slow in responding to the problem, said the privy councillor.

“Certain groups of people announce they will bring down the government and this is also an implied threat to the [royal] institution.

“But no one has come forward to clarify things.

“It seems the government is always on the defensive. I am not happy about this,” said ACM Kamthon. (Bangkok Post)

It’s astonishing.

First, there is this very strange inference : bring down the government = threat to the royal institution.

Oh really ? And was it the case in september 2006 ? This coup was probably “different” … is that what we should understand ? 😉

And what about the dozen of coups, before ? Threats to the Monarchy too ?

I mean those people will never learn…

Second, if the Privy Council supports Abhisit, then why criticizing his government like that, in public ?

Kamthon is not “happy”.

What does it mean ? Does he speak for the whole Privy Council ?

Paranoia ? Plan ?

I mean on one hand they keep repeating us that the royal institution is above politics… And on the other hand, they can’t stop… doing politics.

Double standard, double language.

Third, it’s interesting to notice the reference to “new technology” (Internet). They are obsessed with it. I mean what’s the problem ? Is an insult to the monarchy on Internet any different than an insult on a printed newspaper ? On TV ? On radio ?

For politicians, there is something wrong about Internet, like a bad karma, something sinister.

Anyway. Abhisit, as a good and well mannered dog, answered swiftly to the “discontent” of the Privy councelor.

Mr Abhisit said he was willing to take heed of the privy councillor’s comments and will take steps to improve the way the steps are implemented.

So watch out, the Lese-Majeste Grinding Machine is likely to start again.

I didn’t see it… but there is another “attack”… This time from General Prem (Privy Council)… and against the army (and other leaders) ! Two times in a few days, It can’t be a coincidence…

He said creating and finding good leaders, particularly military leaders, is urgently required for the country.

Gen Prem said military leaders come into close contact with many people and must have what it takes to be a good role model. He stressed the need for military training institutes to design courses to develop leadership skills among soldiers. (Bangkok Post)

What’s going on ?

Lese-Majeste : here we go again… complaint against Thaksin and a foreign news editor

What is funny is the extreme predictability of the “useful idiots”.

Thaksin has landed in Cambodia. Thaksin has given a bold interview (read here), in which he speaks about the sucession, the monarchy, the crown prince etc..

Just enough to ignite the rocket fuel under the arse of some politicians and generals. 1, 2, 3 Lift off !

The Siam Samakkhi Group on Tuesday filed two complaints alleging lese majeste with Dusit police against former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and two other people.

The complaints were lodged on behalf of the group by senators Somchai Sawaengkarn and Warin Thiamjarat, Gen Somchet Boonthanom, former chief of the secretariat of the Council for National Security, and Lt-Gen Nanthadet Meksawat, former deputy chief of the national intelligence coordination centre.

The first complaint was against Thaksin and Richard Lloyd Parry, editor of the Asia edition of The Times, which published the Thaksin interview in which he referred to the monarchy. (Bangkok Post)

Ah ah ah, the editor of the Asia edition of The Times, a british citizen based in Tokyo  ? 😉 Why not the Queen of England ? Thailand has not yet reached the bottom of ridicule… We can count on those people to complete the job.

Those people are lunatics, totally delusional.

The worse is : they probably believe -for some of them- they’re righteous.

Thaksin is playing against them… And what they can only do is to charge him with lese-majeste… On both side, the political manipulation is obvious… So by doing so, they’re undermining the monarchy that they pretend to defend.

The thai monarchy is becoming a toy, into the hands of corrupted politicians and people looking for power… It’s a shame.

Lese-majeste, latest fart from the military : “keep a close watch on websites…”

Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon on Thursday ordered all military units and their commanders to keep a close watch for websites running reports with lese majeste content, defence spokesman Col Thanathip Sawangsaeng said.

Pol Gen Prawit issued the order at today’s meeting of the Defence Council.

All military units and their commanders who come across such websites were to coordinate with the Information and Communication Technology Ministry to take legal action against them, the spokesman said. (Bangkok Post)

What mosquito bit them ? Why they don’t try to take care of their future yellow submarine, instead of farting like this, in public ? Why now ? And for what purposes ? A greazy individual initiative ? Or a calculated campaign ?

Let me try to translate for you what happened inside the tiny brains of those clowns :

-“Boss, boss… ! the King is sick. We should…”
-“You mean try to look more monarchist than him, so we can gain face… and maybe get a medal. Or a house.
-“… Or a new car”.
-“Oh yeah my Budha. I would like a new Benz. Pink. Or gold. But what should we do ?
-“I read in newspapers that there are some websites in Thailand with lese-majeste content. You know…
-“What do you mean by websites ? What is it ?
-“Well you now… technology. Internet”
-“Oh I see. Okay. You take care of it. Be sure to put my name and to call all the journalists. I hope the palace will notice”.

Another perfectly normal day in Thailand.

And meanwhile, our dashing Prime Minister, Abhisit the Jetfighter and Submarine Lover, is visiting… the New York Stock Exchange.


Yes indeed, everything is normal.

Lese-majeste : Da Torpedo burried alive under 18 years of jail

They have created a martyr. Another one.

The Criminal Court has sentenced Daranee Charnchoengsilpakul, better known as Da Torpedo, to 18 years in prison without probation for insulting the monarchy. (Bangkok Post)

First, you have to know what Daranee actually said during this (in)famous speech. Click here.

I wrote one year ago :

So there is little doubt that Miss Daranee is in a way… toasted.

Unfortunatly, we were right. Her speech was never heard before… in public. It was very bold.

But that’s not the point anymore.

Now the point is : the ticking bomb has exploded into the hands of all the Doctor Strangelove.

All those dirty politicians, crooks and other generals in operetta uniforms… who are toying with the lese-majeste law for their own benefits, who pretend to defend the monarchy but who actually are destroying it.

With promptness and stubbornness.

The first rule of lese-majeste law is that you don’t use the lese-majeste law.

Even a child could understand this basic principle.

The politicians have just put a burden on the King’s shoulders, with a dangerous binary thing.

1-the King does pardon her, like he did for the Australian in february.
The king, again, would show his generosity. But… It would be also another proof of the inanity of lese-majeste law, and its uselessness. And It could open a dangerous flood of critics against the monarchy.

2-the King does not pardon her.
She would become a martyr. The monarchy would be seen as crual, disconnected from the reality, a gravedigger of freedom.

I don’t want to play with words but the dirty politicians have just put the King into a check-mate like situation.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Thailand dives into ridicule : a fourth lese-majeste complaint against BBC’s journalist !

And a new one ! The fourth !

After the fanatic cop (3 complaints against J.Head), helped by the british useful idiot, here is the fanatic thai translator ! And to change : a woman.

All against Jonathan Head, the BBC’s journalist in Bangkok, and included the whole board of the FCCT. All fighting for the thai monarchy, seriously endangered by vicious attacks coming from the New Little Satan : the BBC.

G.Orwell is your auteur de chevet ? You feel close to Goebbels ? You like mind control ? And overall, you cherish surrealism and non-sense ?

You should therefore celebrate Thailand and its famous lese-majeste law. A law that allows every man, woman, child, plant and probably every living organisms (including germs and virus) to fill a complaint for lese-majeste against anybody.

The point is : the thai authorities can’t (and don’t want to) amend this stupid law. And a thai police officer would never discard such complaint… Fear. Fear.

And that’s the deadly trap : the lese-majeste law is sustainable only if it’s not used.

The lese-majeste is a bomb blowing off in the thai authorities hands. Over and over again. The more inane people are filling charges, the more the bomb is blowing off. They are trapped.

ASTV Manager reports that today (June 30) at 9:30pm, a Miss Luksana Kornsilpa aged 57 and a translator and adviser in the private sector filed a lese majeste complaint with Lt. Col. Decha of the Lumpini Police Station to proceed with a case against Jonathan Head of the BBC and the 13 committee members of the FCCT for selling the DVD of Jakrapob’s presentation at the FCCT on August 29, 2007.

She states that she filed the complaint as a Thai who loves the monarchy and she says that the FCCT arranging for Jakrapob to speak and the selling of the DVD falls within the category of wanting to bring down the monarchy and destroy national security. (Bangkok Pundit)

Let’s see how our dashing Prime Minister, Abhisit, is going to handle the situation… Let’s see what kind of cheap rethoric he’ll be able to produce to give an opinion. Or an explanation.


The board, includes three British nationals including the BBC‘s Bangkok correspondent Jonathan Head, three American nationals, including two working for Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, an Australian national and a Thai news reader for Channel 3, Karuna Buakamsri. […]

A perfect move to attract several very large western media’s attention ! Well done miss Luksana 😉

Social critic and lese majeste case defendant Sulak Sivaraksa, reacting to the news, told The Nation yesterday that “the problem of [abusing] lese majeste law is now utterly messy“.

“The fact that leading world intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and others have petitioned to [PM] Abhisit [Vejjajiva to reform the law] is a testimony to it. If we let it goes on like this it will get even messier. It’s time for the government to do something.”

A source within the FCCT, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he was “surprised” at the latest allegation, which came after two years of the speech being made, adding that “it places Thailand in a very poor light”.

Poor light ? A serious understatement. And of course it took 2 years to miss Laksana to make her move… She must be a rather slow translator…

But the best, truely fanatic style, is kept for the end :

In the comments’ section on ASTV Manager’s website, most posters expressed support for Laksana and praised her for the move.

One said: “Put them in jail for 99 years.”

Another asked the site to post a picture of Jonathan Head so the person could attack him if he or she ran into him.

Welcome to Thailand.

Lese-Majeste campaign : woman arrested in Korat

The Lese-Majeste Campaign continues, unabated. The grinding machine doesn’t stop.

It would have been rational to think that after the riots, the authorities would want to “calm down” things a little bit, and would pause the campaign.

But on the contrary, there could be a stiffening.

On April 18, Matichon reported that police arrested Thossaporn Ruethaiprasertsung, 48, at a photocopying shop in Nakhon Ratchasima, and seized several leaflets whose contents reportedly were offensive to the monarchy and the Privy Council.

Thossaporn told the police that she worked for hire. Each morning, she would walk from home to get a bus to a market. While waiting for the bus this morning, she found a stack of leaflets. She picked up some to read, and found they were about the monarchy. She brought them to the market and wanted to share with friends, so she went to the shop just to make copies, with no other intent.

The police charged her under Article 112 of Criminal Code on lèse majesté, which carries a penalty of 3-15 years in prison, and sent an investigation team to find the source of the leaflets. (Matichon, via Prachatai).

This case is interesting because it puts (apparently) the Privy Council on the front. But the lese-majeste law doesn’t cover the Privy Council.

Article 112 states : “Whoever defames, insults or threatens the King, Queen or the Heir-apparent, shall be punished with imprisonment of three to 15 years.”

But… the conservators tried, are trying and will continue to try to extend the law… And it’s not new. Here is the proof :

“A group of 64 members of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) is seeking to extend protections against criticism for members of the royal family and Privy Council members as well as representatives appointed by the monarchy. The group, led by Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, an NLA member and Supreme Court chief judge, plans to propose amendments to the Criminal Code in which Their Majesties’ children, privy councillors and representatives appointed by the monarchy will be protected from defamation, insults or threats. (Bangkok Post, and ThaiCrisis)

Yes it was in october 2007… 😉 And you’ll note that the guy who launched this initiative… was chief judge at the Supreme Court !

Scary, huh… ?

Anyway. As for this poor woman… well I think it’s pointless to think that Abhisit could do something and could stop the current insanity. He’s too busy trying to save his arse… It seems that a lot of sharks are swimming around… the spectacular attack against Sonthi is the best proof…

Abhisit will certainly not take the risk to go against the conservators, right now… So this woman is likely to rot in jail for a long time…

Lese-majeste madness : 10 years of prison for a picture…

The Criminal Court Friday sentenced a man to ten year imprisonment for posting a picture deemed insulting the monarchy on a website.

Initially, Suwicha Thakho was sentenced to be jailed for 20 years but the court commuted the jail term by half after he pleaded guilty.

He was charged with violating Article 112 of the Criminal Code and violating the computer crime act.

The man wept upon learning of his sentence. (Nation)

Change with Abhisit ? Yes we can’t. He lied during his speech at Oxford, saying that most cases would be solved… and that everything was cool and normal, and that Giles was a coward because he left the country, blablabla.


How Abhisit can parade like a fish into the sea at the G20 in London, among Obama and all those powerful and civilized men, and meanwhile let this happen… 10 years of prison for a picture insulting the King ?

Sorry : 20 years of prison for a picture insulting the King ? !

This is the result of this insane lese-majeste law mixed with the insane Computer Crime Law (designed by the Junta in 2007, and then endorsed by Samak, Somchai and Abhisit governments) used by insane politicians for their own insane profit…

This is the reality of Thailand. Not 300 years ago.

But today. Now. In 2009.

It’s a shame. And it’s damaging a lot the image of the monarchy.

Thailand Crisis

Coup, Economic slowdown, Terror In the South... The situation is worsening in Thailand. Bumpy road like often before.

But this time, it's different.

The key to understand the present turmoil is the inevitable... succession of King Bhumibol.